How Do You Unleash Your Inner Beast?

When the night blankets roughtly half of the world and everything goes quiet, who are you? In a world, in which most excell at the art of social disguise, could we trust the answer? Perhaps not even if we hadn’t become accustomed to playing a communal game of “Hide And Seek The Real You“. More often than not, in the complete absence of anyone we know, anonymity bestows us with the capactiy to act immorally, even against our best interest, without conscience…meanwhile we are letting the opportunity to cultivate meaning slip through our fingers. So, when the sky blackens and only faint glimmers of distant light remain, what do you become? How do you unleash your inner beast? [Roll Credits]

The lengths we go to in order to prevent those around us from discovering aspects of our past or present selves depend on what we have to lose. However, we must inevitably decide how much the darker parts of our psyche are worth to us. Are they worth the life existed long before they manifested? Are they worth the life we have built, when they do not influece our behaviour? How can we ever be rid of this shadow of ours?
In Jungian terms, our ‘shadow-self’ is comprised of qualities, which we consciously reject and hide or instinctively suppress. Imagine it as though it were your secret identity as a supervillain or anti-hero. It is drenched in the sweat, tears and blood of defining experiences, we may wish we could transform into light. When we let our inner demons loose to wreak their own brand of havoc, metaphorically speaking, we are still acting on learnt behaviour. Whether we’ve begun to be this way recently or the behaviour represents a long-term coping mechanism stands to question, should we choose to venture deep into the unknown regions of our mind, heart or spirit… As a rule, the longer a set of destructive behaviours persist, the harder they are to replace.
No beast can be caged indefinitely. The tiny mental locks, we may put on pretty much anything inside our mind, will never hold. So, we are left with the option of temporary release or a permanent solution.

However, what we do isn’t as interesting as the reason behind our actions. After all, what drives us can maintain our focus.

The object object of our attention can either elevate our consciousness to a state of mental clarity or cause us to crash headfirst into the ground…Even if our intent comes from a place of genuine care, we can be mislead by our emotions or the need to drown them out. Conversely, once we begin to turn a blind eye to them, their effect becomes far more intense. Underneath the surface, this may unknowingly compel us to act in ways that harm us in the long run.

Whether those

m behind our daily routine is

he wounding by one’s own arrow means, first of all, the state of introversion. What this signifies we .already know the libido sinks into its u own depths ” (a well- known comparison of Nietzsche’s) and finds there below, in the shadows of the unconscious, the substitute for the upper world, which it has abandoned : the world of mem- ories (” ‘mid a hundred memories “), the strongest and most influential of which are the early infantile memory pictures. It is the world of the child, this paradise-like

In the privacy of our own homes,

At times, I weigh the question, if that this is all that remains of our former identity as a species.


our peers, friends or aquaintances,

Utterly disconnected

a dark time of solitude

what goes through your mind? what do you become?

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