Paradoxical Time-Travel Part 2

“If all is mind, time-travel is simply remembering…”

As a reference point, you may wish to read through the following posts for further scientific background knowledge:

According to the special theory of relativity, light travels at a constant speed. Personally, I consider that statement to be erroneous. If the speed of light was constant, the speed of time would be also. However, countless experiments involving variant types of clocks have proven the relativity of time. In essence, light, sound and time travel at variant speeds, dependent upon their environment. Similarly to light, time also possesses a curvature. Gravity, the curvature of space, would therefore correlate with the curvature that can be discovered within time. Time and space are never separate. The multi-verse is fundamentally non-local as well as it is non-temporal, consequently one could not be curved with the other remaining unaffected. This can be evidenced by observing a black hole. Light is affected by its gravitational pull, as is time. The energy of matter curbs on all others. Truth be told, the structure of the universe facilitates the existence of black holes, there is much that can be discovered on the other end, once one has found a manner, in which to travel through them unimpeded. Nonetheless, one may easily pose the question whether the space-time curvature holds energy. This is solely dependent upon that which is outside of space-time. What is it curbed around, one may ask? Once that has been answered, a deeper insight would be gained. Mathematically, a gravitational field can be assigned energy, yet one cannot assign an exact energy density.

Time is conventionally defined as a non-spatial continuum, in which events occur in an apparently irreversible succession. Einstein himself described space-time as a persistent illusion. Whereas another would argue that time is merely an illusion produced by the succession of the states of consciousness as one traverses through eternal duration. It only exists in regions, where consciousness is present, in order for the illusion to be produced, yet it often lies dormant. The present is merely a mathematical line that severs a period of time, which is categorized as being past, present or future. In essence, all time is simultaneous, therefore space is also. Quantum foam, the proposed foundation to the fabric of reality, for instance, is considered to be created by virtual particles of exponential high energy. According to the holographic principle, the description of a volume of space can be regarded as being encoded on a boundary to the region. In a larger view, the paradigm proposes that the entire universe can be viewed as a two-dimensional information structure upon the cosmological horizon. It should be noted that the macroscopic scales and low energies experienced would facilitate the illusion of three dimensions. Although I would personally suggest an multi-dimensional information structure, which is ordered according to the particular universe affected. Nonetheless, the holographic principle was inspired by black hole thermodynamics, which implies that maximal entropy in any region scales with the radius squared and not cubed as might be expected. In regards to the nature of a black hole, it was found that the informational content of all the object that have fallen into the hole can be entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon. The holographic principle therefore resolved the black hole information paradox within the framework of string theory. In consequence, one may estimate the process that an individual would undergo when entering a black hole without sufficient shielding. There are numerous suggestions, however, merely one truly caught my eye. The proposition that consciousness can become trapped within a black hole. Disregarding any covert United States experiments, the energy of the individual would be most likely absorbed by the black hole itself and presumably emerge on the other side…Probably without a physical body. Yet, the chance is that the surface fluctuations at the event horizon would show an intriguing informational content that would differ in comparison to inanimate objects, although I am doubtful that our current monitoring technology would be capable of noting the difference within a nanosecond.

The uncertainty principle states that the act of observation can alters the outcome of the experiment. Modern science has modified the principle to the loss of precision leads to uncertainty with measurable quantities triggered by the act of observation. That being said, a quantum fluctuation is the temporary appearance of energetic particles outside of empty space, as permitted by the uncertainty principle. It is represented by the temporary change in the amount of energy within a point in space. Consequently, the uncertainty principle reinforces that it is impossible to possess a precisely determined value of a pair of conjugate variables at the same time. Time and energy, for instance. It should also be noted that a particle pair can jump out of the vacuum during a short time interval.

Time travel, the ability to move in between different points in time, is one aspect. Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, however, is another. Needless to mention, the necessity to add a living consciousness from the 11th dimension that may not wish to participate willingly. A consciousness of this dimension would not be able to process the entirety of space and time, thus an equivalent dimensions would have to be found. It should be noted that travel to another dimension widely differs. An energy charge that is too high would therefore pierce a hole straight through the fabric of reality into another dimension or universe. One would require to create a space outside of space-time. In essence, one could easily shield oneself from time, thus controlling its flow. If all is energy, time is consistent of a form of energy. The denser the field, the slower time would progress. The less the traveller would be affected by the flow of time. Naturally, one would require to monitor time on both sides in order to adjust the settings. It would be expected that the first few experimental crafts would not return or not arrive, as that is the danger of controlling the pace of time. Slowing down and speeding time up too much would result in fatal consequences, such as the complete loss of ones timeline, if one is unable to correct the settings. Inverted shields would allow for the user to control the progression of time via the polarity. One travels by slowing down and speeding up time, which would have severe consequences when reversing the polarity too far or the in the wrong direction. This model of time-machine would exist within a single moment in space-time. Once more, the amount of energy charge is vital in arriving at ones destination. It is adjusted with every single destination as it may vary from one location to another. The problem with hitting the right frequency in time is the probability of hitting all others first. Every timeline, every event, every year and so forth possesses a different frequencies.

Furthermore, one will encounter fixed points in time, which will possess a different frequency in its entirety. These are events, which cannot be changed, without the structure of a period of time being altered in its entirety. In essence, history as it was would fall apart at the core. That being said, the sheer act of time travelling constructs a paradox. Similarly, the act of building a quantum computer within this universe means that you would also be building one in an alternate reality. The connection requires to be established in order for it to function adequately, which merely shows the interconnectedness of all realities within existence.

If you travel backwards in time, for instance, and prevent the explosion of the Hindenburg, there would be no long term timeline paradox damage. As the zeppelin would be overtaken by more advanced technology, the explosion would not have hindered the growth of zeppelins within the pre-existent timeline. However, to travel backwards in time and observe the explosion of the Hindenburg would alter the event in a non-objective standpoint of the timeline, but that in itself alter the timeline, for there is now one or more individuals that should not be present before the event, which will draw other individuals alter their prearranged paths of travel along their timeline, unless the act of observation occurs in orbit above the planet without any contemporary life-forms near you. According to research performed by the United States, stating that paradox-free time travel has been discovered, is a simple divergence from truth. If a fixed event in space-time is altered, the structure of the timeline changes. Therefore, one would be require to reinforce the before-mentioned change throughout history. Mass paradoxes often resolve or collapse upon themselves, unless they are continually perpetuated. If a fixed event in time is reinforced it is in itself is a paradox. If you are aware of the happening of an event, why reinforce its occurrence? At that point, it would be reinforcing ones own actions in a nonlinear, self-perpetuating paradox diverging further from the main time-stream by being maintained.


Time travel in itself is a self defeating exercise. One cannot forge a timeline. It will simply shatter and fall apart under its own weight. If the explosion of the Hindenburg would be prevented, it would occur simply in a different manner. Time would simply realign itself, regardless of the actions of the time traveler as they can only travel for a limited amount of time. The memory of the occurrence of both events would still be present on an unconscious basis. To countless individuals throughout time, the Hindenburg did not exist. It does not appear real to these individuals as they were not present during the event, yet to a small group of individuals, it was very real. One may arrive at the inference that the alteration of events would shift the power and development of entire countries and planets. For instance, if World War One would not have occurred, the industrial age would have happened far differently. Fossil fuels and pharmaceuticals would not be so predominantly used, as we possessed healthier and more economically viable alternatives at the time. The British Empire would still be standing and we would have publicly landed on the moon by 1948. Cancer, Alzheimers and other costly, long term debilitating diseases would not have become to the epidemic proportions that we have reached at the present point in time. So, why reinforce World War One?

Truth be told, history may be told by the victor. That does not validate its accuracy. The energy pattern of the original timeline lingers within the collective unconscious of reality.

Feel free to read on and find out more:

9 thoughts on “Paradoxical Time-Travel Part 2

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  5. I’m going to come back and read this page, but I used to think a lot about the whole subject. In fact, along with other factors, the fact that “scientists” had certain dogmas about things considered “metaphysical” or “supernatural” that kept them from studying it led me back to finally prophecy and the Bible.

    i think it was Asimov that once opined that Bible prophecies were either self-fulfilling or so vague they covered any contingency but this turned out to be so false as to show that he did not know what he was talking about. Not a Bible scholar, just a prejudicial opinion that stunted his thinking.

    In Daniel you’ll find the history of the world from the perspective of our still-to-be future, and he told it to the king of Babylon about 700 and wrote it in more detail in Daniel 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. He lays out what we now know as the great empires of history, Babylonian, Medo-Persia,, Greek, Roman, the division of the Roman into two, and then the mix of strong and weak kingdoms. That’s where we are now.

    Asimov tried to say Daniel could have been written later, but he did not consider that when Alexander came to Jerusalem the priests showed him the prophecy that his conquest would be lightning-fast, the four wings on the representational leopard corresponding to his four generals, and he decided to let them keep their limbs and their stuff. Daniel 9 points to the year of the crucifixion from hundreds of years prior (“Messiah shall be cut off, but not for himself”).

    Then you’ll find a description of DNA in Psalm 139:14-16.


    • Thank you very much for you interest into my research. Your comment has been most enlightening. Feel free to contact me anytime for such a surge of knowledge. However, it does depend upon the bible that is used. (Just for the record, mine is a King James Bible) This all also points to one singular conclusion, which is that the history that we know is nothing more than a farce. Outside of prophecy, it can be evidenced that humanity was in possession of advanced technology before recorded history. Yet, one must remember that the scriptures were altered and cropped before their official release. Additionally, other aspects may have gotten lost in translation due to the belief structures within the dark ages or simply added to appease the rulers at the time. For instance, the war of the Gods, leading to the closure of the gates of heaven, could also be interpreted as battles fought in interstellar space. This is only compounded by the fact that we are apparently financially unable to go to space and yet if our manned space-stations run into trouble, they can have a shuttle docking in under 4 hours at no cost to budget, state or tax payer. It was Neil Armstrong that stated it was like touching the gates of heaven. Furthermore, the choirs of angels, (ie. other alien races that thought it a bad idea to put humans with souls) (soul meaning higher psychic abilities and higher capacity of choice) up in heaven. According to some of the Angels, Gods greatest mistake was giving humans souls. Like providing All references are in Enoch, Sumerian History and the unprinted Christian Second War in Heaven. In consequence, Psalm 139:14-16, to me, describes the creation of humanity by a “higher”, if not extraterrestrial being, with the ability to manipulate the energy that we term the soul and construct as well as manipulate human DNA, such as eyes grown in a test-tube. Bees clone themselves. Ants clone themselves. Each creating thousands of offspring with identical DNA. Therefore, it would be merely logical to infer that humanity could have been created as a slave species for other races, which could be evidenced by the death of the Nephilim, that would regularly depopulate tribes, when their numbers had grown out of proportion as well as by the archeological proof behind mythological tales. For instance, the archeological findings of Adams Calendar tie in with local tribes, history of the area and both Sumerian as well as Babylonian records. The only difference between the two is that the Sumerians stated “We created you as..,” The later Babylonian empire after the removal of Sumerian history and Gods, state “You were created for…”. This represents two entirely different perspectives. Sumerians indicated an honest creator-to-created relationship, whereas Babylonians were more focused upon the purpose, ownership and usage of the creation, thus the enslavement of humanity legitimately begun, which would indicate a huge global takeover in a matter of historical moments. A few footnotes on a page that go unnoticed. In essence, Islam came from Christianity, Christianity stemmed from Judaism, which can be genetically traced back to 7 women. In Sumerian scriptures, it is stated that the human race was born from 7 women. The African tribes around Adams Calendar state similar. And Babylonian states again something similar. Nonetheless, out of the modern organized religions, the only scripture that comes close to the original is the ancient Hebrew texts that are still being decoded to this day. Other than that, you have the Vedic scriptures, which date back further. And before that, the historical texts of the pre-flood civilizations. They all do tend to state the same thing. We were made by advanced lifeforms.


      • The trick of bible is ecclesiastes.Solomon says,’all is vanity and vexation of spirit,striving after the wind’.All truth,all religion is contained in the above brief narrative.


      • Very true and thank you that was very well said!
        Also, the three main organized religions have become a control mechanism for the masses, often contradicting themselves due to the countless alterations and audacious wording that can be interpreted in many ways. Yet, that does not mean there is not an inkling of truth within them, like the a fragment of a much larger image.


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