Quantum Physics and Time-Travel with Fred Alan Wolf

Thank you very much for taking interest in my research into time-travel. It is most appreciated. Yet, it is important to remember that we are all interconnected at the very core of our consciousness, thus we, as a species, are all capable of so much more than mere mental time travel, remote viewing or prophetic dreams.

“Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking, but not dreaming, not being set, but being flexible. It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.” – Bruce Lee

Mysticism and New Physics

Heisenberg postulated that the observer alters the observed by the mere act of observation, he implied that due to the increasing smallness of the atomic or subatomic system, no observations can be formulated without seriously affecting the outcome itself, consequently quantum physics arrived at the technical difficulty in measuring atomic systems. Later discoveries allowed for the hypothesis that the mind is able to effectively affect matter. Increasing amounts of indeterminism resulted in the true unpredictability of matter, regardless of the accumulation of information. This indeterminism of the quantum mechanical universe demolishes most misconceptions regarding the connectedness of events. As quantum theory proposes that systems and events can only be described statistically, the increasing amount of probabilities however almost reach to an indefinite number. Once one involves time into the equation, the outcome becomes naturally relative. Schroedingers equation eventually aided the development of the process, as it did not describe the individual atomic events, but rather unveil the infinite number of possible behaviours at one and the same time. The conventional interpretation accepted by most quantum physicists to explain the schizophrenia of the equation is known as the Copenhagen collapse, according to this view, when the equation divides into two, one of the vectors in configuration space simply collapses, however it also argues that quantum theory is strictly indeterministic. The physicist Jack Sarfatti once stated that “Implications of Metaphysics for psycho-energetic systems, an idea of the utmost significance, is that the structure or matter may not be independent of consciousness.” This insight naturally leads down a forked path, nothing is either or, it seems. He further continues to explain that “The participator in a particular quantum experiment in a physics laboratory can be the experimenter himself, though on the deeper level of quantum interconnectedness it must also include the general range of all living systems. All conscious systems, independently of their spatio-temporal locations relative to the experimental apparatus, make incoherent contributions to the total non-local quantum potential felt by the individual photons and electrons.” Therefore, I professionally am of the opinion that the act of the observer, although perhaps not consciously, may still alter the outcome, due to the factors of expectation, personal abilities or personal beliefs.

A Holographic Model of Consciousness

The property of being holographic is contained in the quality that each part encompasses the whole, even when separated. In consequence, according to Heisenberg, the observer alters the observed and the thinker alters the thought, which does not allow much measurement. An electric polarization exists across the membrane that separates the interior nerves of the brains neural web from the surrounding medium. The membrane possesses the ability to decrease polarization by alter its permeability to certain ions, therefore when a nervous impulse is initiated, the polarization traverses along the membrane of a nerve cell until it reaches a point of junction between adjacent neurons or a synapse. In certain circumstances the transmission across the synaptic cleft channels out another simultaneously arriving impulse, in others, the transmission creates another impulse to fire the neurons. Yet, that which is currently unclear appears to be that which is involved in the interconnection of all portions of the brain. There exists distinctive evidence that the process is neither chemical nor electrochemical. One possibility would be an electromagnetic field. Nevertheless, the obstacle to the construction of a model of consciousness involves a misconception basic to both, neurophysiology and quantum physics, concerning a shift in perception of the scientific outlook from causality to a more holographic or theological, as Webster described it, term. Furthermore, with the continued study into genealogy, it was evidenced that the DNA code contains all the information necessary to shape and organize biological systems, subsequently the junk DNA, once decoded and activated, becomes also an important aspect of the structure of microcosm. Floyd suggested that the screen of awareness may thus be viewed as an organic form of a holographic plate which processes three-dimensional perceptions and reconstructed images with equal facility. He further postulated that if the organic holograph would not possess three-dimensional perceptions to process, it would create its own reality to perceive and conceive. Floyd then further concluded that additional reflections on the process allowed for the inference that the screen, the holographic plate that he had for so long been attempting to identify with an organ, may actually function instead of an organ. And it began to appear to him that the pineal body occupies the midpoint at the center of a neutral energy field, at which point occurs the burst of light that is experienced as the screen of consciousness on which shifting figure-ground relationships represent external reality. Hence, he deduced that it would rather require the interaction of energy fields within the brain.


On July 19th, 1967, the former director of the Foreign Economic Administration and assistant to the Secretary of Commerce Arthur Paul visited a small village in Tamil, approximately 70 miles north of Colombo, Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. He has been invited by the local parliament to witness the traditional annual fire-walking ceremony. He even marched over the coals himself towards the end without any signs of burn marks or other physical harm. One could almost term the laws of physics to be a statistical quirk, considering the impressive nature of the phenomena and its capability to be learnt at will by anyone. Yet, the fundamental particle still allows for much dispute between professionals, although science continually rules out further possible candidates for the position, the search for the building block of the universe is still pursued. Once the atom has been clearly not been the fiber of reality, that which its examination brought this part of the universe can hardly be termed as a mild discovery. Atomic experiments continue to devastate the planet and spoil the oceans, although it has nothing but destructive properties that cannot be controlled lightly. Heisenberg formed the statement that the ultimate nature of reality is beyond verbal description. A common denominator found both in the concept of the physics, yet also mysticism. Therefore, one could postulate that the nature of reality cannot be static. However, towards the end of the nineteenth century, Planck observed the subatomic particle range, and discovered that the energy of heat radiation is not emitted continuously, but appeared to be discharged in the shape of discrete units of energy or energy packets. Einstein termed these units of radiation, quanta, further suggesting that all forms of radiation including light can be propagated in the form of either waves or quanta. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that light in fact behaved very much like particles and was propagated in discontinuous quanta. Subsequently, Einstein also devised the concept of the curvature of space preceding the presentation of his thesis regarding relativity in 1916. This curvature of space reavealed itself in the phenomena of gravity, furthermore the space-continuum in itself, a sort of nothingness, is curved and the concept of space being geometry was born. Ancient concepts of sacred geometry slowly came to light, to be relived and reinvented with continuous research until present day.

Beyond the Light Cone

According to the tantric concepts of the mystics, the perception of the universe existing within time is in actuality incorrect. Beyond the illusion of reality lies the void, in which the concept of time itself ceases to possess any meaning at all. D.T. Suzuki once stated that “In this spiritual world, there are no divisons such as the past, present and future, for they have contracted themselves into a single moment of the present, where live quivers in its true sense…” In consequence, Richard Feynman began to formulate the suggestion that a positron moving forward in time is actually an electron moving backwards through time, it becomes evident that the rational mind can only accommodate the concept beyond the boundaries of time. Furthermore, the concept that tachyons, particles that move arbitrarily fast, exist outside of space-time was constructed. In accordance to Einsteins thesis, the mass of a particle becomes indefinitely large as it approaches the speed of light, it has been therefore assumed that no particle can accelerate beyond the supposed light barried. The tachyon, however, begs to differ. As a result, all communication that would be exchanged between particles that are faster than the speed of light would naturally also be beyond space-time. Fred Wolf and Jack Sarfatti therefore concluded that the exchange of information may be tachyonic. In reference to this particular outlook, Sarfatti stated that “Each continuous world-line or space-line history is assigned a complex probability amplitude. All possible histories of the universe occur and interfere with each other. The regions of constructive interference of the countless interpenetrating universes allows for the most probable classical history of the universe, as we known it in usual state of consciousness. This is referred to as the Feynman-Dirac Action Principle, which is perhaps the most aesthetically satisfying conventional formulation of the quantum principle on the descriptive level.” Further interpretations of the quantum principle of the space-time path by Feynman suggest that an electron can be scattered backwards in time by electromagnetic vacuum fluctuation, thus it would be detected as a positron of opposite charge, yet possessing the same mass as moving forward in time. In my professional opinion, the thesis of the universal mind strongly supports the occurrence of all history within the present moment.

The Shape of Time

Retrocausality is defined by the meaning of the reverse of causality in a variety of probabilities. The retrocausal phenomena however does provide an infinite amount of options regarding the space-time continuum. If all possible branches leading backwards in time were to be observes, one would discover that they are almost no different to the ones traversing forward in time. DeWitt remarked that “The overwhelming majority of past branches would look like backwards movies of the future only if the present state of the universe were the result of a fluctuation from a state of equilibrium in an infinitely old universe. Despite the time-reversal invariance on the quantum level of the grand Schroedinger equation, neglecting weak interaction, there is no a priori reason why the wave function itself should possess a moment of time symmetry.” And in essence, he was absolutely correct. There is no reason to suspect that the world line of the universe should possess a moment in history from which one would be able to perceive the entire past as a mirror reflection of the future. Yet, this still reveals that time in itself has become a victim of prejudice, it has become common human nature to perceive it as something that has definite shape. Henceforth, the existence of tachyons has allowed certain professionals to hypothesize that they would more often than not present unsolvable paradoxes that are beyond a human sense of logic. In addition, Carl Jung was also of the opinion that Retrocausality might be capable of explaining the phenomena of the archetypes, primordial images that possess the point of origin. As old as time itself, yet still continuing to repeat themselves throughout infinity. Jung stated that “They are without known origin, and they reproduce themselves in any time or in any part of the world, even where transmissions by direct descent or cross-fertilization through migration must be rules out.”, which allowed for the development of the thesis involving the collective unconscious, shared by humanity. It has also been theorized that the images may be created randomly by the mind and then scattered backwards through time. However, I personally prefer Thomas Manns perception of the previous “As in a dream, it is our own will that unconsciously appears as an inexorable objective destiny, everything in it proceeding out of ourselves and each us being the secret theatre manager of our own dreams with us all, our fate may be the product of our inmost selves, or our wills and we are actually bringing about what seems to be happening to us.” Overall, causality can only countered by the existence of retro-causality, therefore the dualistic nature of the universes would perhaps result in time being too intertwined to be observed with any form of humanistic bias.

Tantra and Quantum Theory

The tantric theory is similar to the conception of Wheelers superspace. For instance, the Vedic concept of the nada and bindu appear to be identical to the concept of matter being both a wave and a vibration. When Brahma created matter, nada was the first produced movement in the ideating cosmic consciousness. Bindu literally translates to being a point. According to the tantra, once matter is viewed as being separate from consciousness, it can be observed as being consistent of numerous bindu and physical objects that are extended in space. Yet, if matter is more accurately perceived as being projected by the actual consciousness, physical objects no longer possess many three-dimensional points in space, consequently all collapses into one dimension and become the single point bindu. Furthermore, when electric lines of force converge upon a region of space, they do not merely cross each other, yet seem to converge and sink into the fabric of space, thus Wheeler concluded that they must be passing into a wormhole, stating that “a classical geometrodynamical electric charge is a set of lines of force trapped in the topology of space.”. Needless to mention that most concepts involved in the quantum physics of the time had been preceded by the formulation of Vedic scriptures. The tantras describe space being permeated by lines of force, known as the hairs of Shiva. However, centuries before that period in time, the texts referred to an expansion and contractions in the Akasa. Wheeler hypothesized that the electric charge or the lines in an electric or magnetic field are literally lines of force trapped in the fabric of space-time, whereas Sarfatti postulates that the organisation of matter is due to a spectrum of self-organising fields, which arranges matter out of the turbulent ocean of the quantum foam. Furthermore, Sarfatti was convinced that matter is nothing but gravitationally trapped light. The ring singularly of a rotating black-hole or white-hole is pictured as a photon or a neutrino, causing them to move round in a circle, which occurs as a result of the self-gravitation of the photon and the neutrino. He suggested that this would also allow for the interconnected nature of universes. According to the tantric tradition, after the collapse of the universe, it is withdrawn into the Sakti which created it. Additionally, it appears to collapse into the Siva bindu, the mathematical point that possesses no magnitude. It is therefore conceived that around the Siva bindu lies the coiled Sakti, which may be perceived as a mathematical line that comes into contact with the point around which it is coiled on every side. Since the point and the line possess neither spatial magnitude or dimension, they are conceived as being one and the same, although this particular line is known as the kundalini sakti, as it resembles the kundala, meaning coil. It is stated that in its awakened state, it manifests itself in spiralling motion, as it is witnessed in the revolving orbits of the planets. In sum, Wheelers conception of the quantum interconnectedness only exists to the extent that we are willing to conceive them. As if the dreamer is gradually awakening in the dream to realize the vast potential of the dream space, metaphorically speaking.

The Interpenetrating Universes

Solomon E. Asch once stated that we as humans possess the tendency towards conformity within society, an urge so strong that reasonably intelligent and well-meaning young individuals are willing to call white black is a matter of concern. And so it is. As the eminent cyberneticist Heinz von Foerster remarked, the human mind does not perceive that which is actually out there, but what it believes to be out there. Human sight is a result of the retinas absorbing light from the external world and conveying the signals to the brain. The very same is true for all sensory receptors. However, Foerster perceived the retinas to be blind to the quality of their stimulation and responsive only to their quantity. Unsurprising, the phenomenal world is not truly filled with colour and light, as there only electro-magnetic waves, which begs the questions, how the brain conjures all existential data to form the perceived universe. John Lilly postulated that in the province of connected minds, what the network believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. Furthermore, the multi-verse becomes a dualistic construct, in which each thing is grounded upon its opposite. Jung also incorporated the element of denial and expectation into the equation, which exerts a large amount of strain on each individual within society throughout history through the phenomena of peer pressure. However, as there are infinite perceptions, there will be infinite paradigms. Lawrence LeShan theorized that there may be two realities. The first one is the reality that we have come to know in our daily experience, consisting of solid objects and empty space, firmly ensconcing in a linear time sequence in which perceptions are strictly limited by the boundaries of the present. In this reality, he perceived minds to be distinctly separate from the universe. Due to the existence of paranormal phenomena, he postulated that the second reality is existent outside of the light cone, lingering beyond the regions of space-time. Although the concept has been seemingly “oversimplified”, one may indulge the thought that perhaps once both realities merge, they would exist simultaneously, and merely an aspect of reality is in essence beyond space-time. Nonetheless, Jerome S. Bruner is more of the opinion that we represent the world to ourselves and consequently respond to our representations, which in itself is a mystical conception. As if one perceives two fundamentally dissimilar, yet equally probable realities, ultimately a semantic creation mostly constructed by cultural, collective beliefs. Truth be told, reality is learnt and conditioned. In fact, the realization of the dreamlike nature of reality appears to be of exponential significance in countless mystical teachings in order to live ones life similarly and more consciously in the waking state. Yet more importantly, the present moment appears to be the key to infinite wisdom, if it can be captured and actualized within the perimeters of the soul.

The Reality-Structurer

It was once stated in the Adventure of Consciousness that “Consciousness can act on matter and transform it. This ultimate conversion of Matter into Consciousness and perhaps one day even of Consciousness into Matter is the aim of the supramental yoga. But there are many degrees of development of the consciousness-force, from the seeker or aspirant to just awakening to the inner urge of the yoga and even among yogis, there are many grades. It is here that the true hierarchy begins.” It is through the practice of visualization, meditation and breathing exercises, that numerous cultures apply, in order to raise the state of vibration and consciousness. Tantric mysticism, both Tibetan and Hindu, performed a detail analysis into the structure of matter, which parallels the world view of many quantum physicists. This fact hints towards the inference that the religious and scientific path may perhaps lead towards the same final conclusion, presented in an infinite amount of alterations in perception. From a different manner of interpreting the phenomenal world. For instance, Einstein insisted upon the fact that energy and matter are convertible or matter is simply highly condensed energy “E=mc^2”, which represents an increasingly similar outlook to the one held by the ancient Tantrists. As it is written in the Mundaka Upanishad “By energism of Consciousness Brahman is massed, from that Matter is born and from Matter, Life and Mind and the worlds.” However, Tantra does rely upon one specific principle, reality in itself is ultimately an illusion, maya in their terms. In accordance to the true nature of Buddha, the question of what actually exists and what does not in the phenomenal world appears to be clearly structured, however when in actuality we are all Schrödinger’s cat…In between existence and non-existence…In between duality and non-duality. Within the larger image of the integral order, there appears to be a higher sense of order and balance than that which is known mankinds current viewpoints. Truth be told, in Tibetan mysticism, the reality of mental creations often remains unquestioned. In fact, a certain type of atheism in India does not show devotion to the deity due to their belief, but to create the deity in what they perceive to be physical form. It is reinforced that the multi-verse is nothing more than a dream that has been brought into existence by the cosmic or universal mind. The knowledge that we are all truly one resides within that truth. It depends upon the thought and conduct of the individual, their metaprogramming, as it may. It is the choice towards one of two directions. Overall, if all forms of life were to be conscious of the dreamlike nature of reality and were to develop it increasingly, reality itself would be transformed and the cosmic play would perhaps lose its appeal, hence the development of the soul has a tendency to correspond with the depth of self-realization.

The New Cosmology

Sri Aurobindo once exclaimed “What then was the commencement of the whole matter? Existence has multiplied itself for the sheer delight of being and plunged into numberless trillions of forms so that is might find itself innumerably”. In reference to the Vedic legend that the self of the universe perceives all of existence, as a form of divine play. Almost similar to an eternal, infinite game of Hide and Seek. Being everyone at once, and yet no one at all. However, each game must come to an end. In eventuality, the self will become to realise its true nature and awaken from the countless dreams to its actual identity. It is the one and eternal self of the cosmos, therefore the game ends. Ironically, modern science is currently providing humanity with a scientific basis for the concept of religion from various aspects, such as radionics, psionics and other para-scientific research. After all, new physics does not directly offer a religious values or conceptions, yet it is indirectly a religious based on the psychology of human consciousness, which is in turn beyond the physical. One could even go as far as to claim that it is based upon the psychology of the entire universe or the universal mind itself. The nature of reality is naturally diverse, consequently the universe that humans have currently constructed for themselves will differ from the infinite amount of alternative realities that there are. It has been stated by Monroe that the most acceptable explanation is the wave vibration concept, which presumes the existence of an infinity of worlds that are all operating at different frequencies, one of which is this particular physical world.” In fact, Monroe perceived that this infinity of worlds would be able to occupy the same area that is occupied by our phenomenal world, similar to the various wave frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum can simultaneously occupy the very same space with a minimum of interaction. Monroe confirmed that only under rare circumstances, worlds actually interface with one another. In my professional opinion, the prospect that there are an infinite amount of probable, even entirely opposite, dimensions, multi-verses, existences or realities leads me to the conclusion that illusion of space and time must reach further and deeper than mankind can currently fathom. In an infinite space-time continuum within the conception of eternity, perhaps even the universal mind after it has merges still requires to merge with something larger than itself. Within infinity, one may never be able to reach the end of the non-physical hierarchy.

New Physics and Paranormal Phenomena

The term radionics describes the application of alternative medicine based upon frequencies, the concept was developed by Albert Abrahams’ in the early 1900s. In the course of his research Abrahams made the startling discovery that diseases could be measured in terms of energy, and he devised and instrument which calibrated dials which enabled him to identify and measure disease reactions and intensities. From this work, called E.R.A. of the Electronic Reaction of Abrahams, came Radionics as we know it today. Leading British physician Sir James Barr considered Abrams’ discoveries to be among the most significant of the day. According the radionics principles, each individual will exert certain energy frequencies, those that are more of the characteristics of a healthy individual and the exact opposite. Its foundation is based upon the ground principles of quantum physics, regarding its perspective on frequencies and vibrations. In the practice, radionics devices purport to diagnose and heal by applying appropriate frequencies to balance the discordant frequencies, which are resultant in the disease. Frequency, more or less describes the procedure of the restabilising of imputed energy that do not correspond to the property of energy within the body in the scientific sense. Not surprisingly, certain elements of the medical and scientific community attacked Abrams’ work and sought to discredit him. In 1924, the year of Abrams’ death a committee of the Royal Society of Medicine under the Chairmanship of Sir Thomas Horder investigated his claims. To the astonishment of medicine and science, the committee, after exhaustive tests, has to admit that Abrams’ claim was proven. In sum, the basic behind radionic theory and practice is based upon the concept that man and all life forms share a common foundation in that they are immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth, and secondly that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field, which if sufficiently distorted will ultimately result in sickness of the organism. Radionics accepts the primary conception that all is energy, subsequently it views organs, diseases and remedies as being in possession of their own particular frequency. These factors can be expressed in numerical values which are known as ‘Rates’ or in h form of Geometric Patterns. These provide the means by which the practitioner identifies and treats disease at a distance. Radionics also recognizes that there are a number of finely organized fields of energy, which lie beyond those identified by science, and that these fields can be utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Thus, it may be stated that Radionics is a healing art, in which physics and para-physics, science and religion, gradually have begun to meet and merge. The Radionics practitioner in a long-distance diagnosis utilizes his intuitive faculty, which science now believes arises from right brain hemisphere functions. The intuitive mind has access to information which lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities which appear to be meditated through the left brain hemisphere. By tuning in both his mind and Radionic instrument to the distant patient, the practitioner applies his faculties of extra-sensory perception and is able, through observing the reactions of the detection apparatus under his control, to determine what the underlying causes of disease are. By identifying causes which may be hidden for clinical and more orthodox procedures, the Radionic practitioner is able, then, to determine with accuracy the correct treatment which will eliminate this underlying element. A Radionic diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis, but as previously stressed, a means of identifying and assessing the underlying causes which give rise to pathological states and their systems. These may or may not coincide with current medical opinion, but this is to be expected when the practitioner’s approach is along para-physical lines. Once the radionics diagnosis has been concluded, the practitioner has completed a full health profile of the patient, including functional integrity of all organ systems, psychological states and imbalances that appear to be present within the energy structures, which form the energy fields that underlie the body, the adequate radionics treatment is then chosen. All pathological states of mind and their causes contain their own frequency of energy patterns, these can be treated at a distance through the radionic instrument by employing rates or geometric patterns. A bloodspot or snippet of hair from the patient, typically known as the patients witness, acts as a link between the practitioner, his Radionic instrument and the patient. Essentially, treatment is founded upon the projection of healing energy patterns. Certain practitioners prefer to add the wave form of homeopathic remedies, colors, flower essences and herbal extract. However, the accumulation of clinical evidence presents that it is very effective in a significant number of cases. “Action at a distance”, as this phenomenon is often referred to, is not new to modern science. These days a significant amount of research is being conducted by scientific institutions in the field and results are confirming that humans, plants and animals respond to projected thought patterns. In addition, this phenomenon occurs no matter how large the distance between the subjects under investigation. Their findings now bear out the rationale of Radionics. One of the great advantages of Radionics is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious conditions at an early stage and, by appropriate treatment, prevent them for developing to a point where they become clinically identifiable. Moreover, since Radionic treatment occurs at a non-physical level, it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects. Radionics is concerned with the healing of the whole man, with the health pattern or entelechy of the individual. The health pattern is a singular, unitary force within the structures of man that ensures adequate and optimum functioning of the systems of his body. The purpose of Radionic therapy is to help the individual to re-establish his optimum pattern of health. In a way, allowing the individual to move one step closer towards wholeness. Overall, the scope of radionics in theory is unlimited, as it based upon a concept of unlimited probabilities within the new line of physics. However, in practicality, it is limited by the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise of the practitioner. On one spectrum, it is applied to determine the structural and functional integrity of the body, identifying the causes of sickness, hidden within. On the other side of the spectrum, the determination of the states of the energy centers form a clear view of the energy flow within the patients body, enabling the practitioner to gain a deeper level of insight into the reason behind certain physical and psychological imbalances. A synthesis of the data accumulated often reveals the physical and psychological strengths, weaknesses, limitations and capacities in order to release energy blockages that no longer support the individual, in fact, they have become more than a mere hindrance. The concept of radionics in essence holds very much similarity towards Jungs notion of complexes, henceforth once the energetic disturbances would have been released, the psyche is initially unburdened by previous experiences, consequently the energy that had been used to supply the trauma can now be utilized for a cause that may be much greater, such as, towards the evolutionary potential of the human species. Once the rerouted energy flows distinctly through the body without much intervention, the development of psionics at that stage of development would be a stepping stone towards more solid and more widely accepted results. Once one gains the power of artificially correcting the energy flow of the chakra system through technology, such as tachyon generators, psychotronics, orgone accumulators, radionics or countless other means that have been developed over the years, one would naturally be capable of stimulating those specific areas similarly in order to awaken them sufficiently. Several companies across the United States and the United Kingdom have slowly begun to develop and combine certain paranormal aspects, such as radionics mixed with the vibrational frequency of prana that is added to crystal power technology and variant forms of psychic amplifiers, which more or less apply gold into the workings of the “spiritual machine” as it has come to be known as. Since psionics has become a practice far more common, and although it exists within each living being the potential may be dormant or unconscious, it has become only natural within the realms of human curiosity to seek that type of power and understanding. Nonetheless, in my professional opinion the education and training into the nature of psionics within the phenomenal world is not necessarily optional. Each human being is receptive to the energies of the self and the energies of others, and at times this can result in rather negative consequences, such as individuals that are innately unaware of their psychic predisposition, which is affecting their circumstances less than favourably. Psionics may be a first step towards the next level of evolution, yet its philosophies would also provide humanity with a greater degree of forgiveness, insight and peace. As one no longer simply perceives oneself and becomes aware of being part of the whole, the increase of equanimity and discipline within the external reality becomes inevitable.