Holographic Universe

Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist, and David Bohm, a quantum physicist, independently discovered the validity of their thesis by approaching the subject from various angles, stumbling upon very similar conclusions in regards to the holographic nature of the Universe, however the research conducted by other professionals greatly supported their paradigm, as many scientists at the time shared the common frustration that the scientific community held a certain level of prejudice towards the hypothesis. The idea first surfaced during Pribrams enquiry into the process of memories being stored within the brain in the 1940, when he was also observing the limbic system, and its involvement in emotions and behaviour. Around 1946, Pribram assisted Karl Lashley in ongoing research in the formation and mechanisms of memories. Separate parts of the brain were removed, yet without a specific outcome, henceforth the inference that memories are distributed throughout the brain developed. As the brain stores an immense amount of information, the process of recalling and forgetting an event could be compared to shining a laser beam on a piece of film but failing to adjust it to the desired angle. The holographic paradigm offers many other analogies in relation to the memory process, such as facial recognition, associative tendencies for memory and cases of eidetic memory. The interference patterns, resulting from the interference, presented in holography allowed Pribram insight into the reason behind the overall distribution of memory. Gradually further research provided additional data, such as Lashleys discovery, involving the visual cortex, which formed experimental results that were compatible with the idea that a photographic-like image is projected onto the cortical surface. Pribram formulated that when an object or an individual is perceived externally, the experience in actuality manifests internally, at times even beyond the physical boundaries of the body.

The thesis of the holographic brain eventually gained experimental support, when Paul Pietsch, a biologist at Indiana University, conducted over 700 trials of removing a salamanders brain and damaging them in various ways in order for the salamander to be unable to feed after the brain had been reinserted, yet the feeding behaviour continuously returned to normal. Jean Fourier afterwards developed the equations to convert images into wave forms and vice versa, named the Fourier Transforms. However, he was only one of many that contacted Pribram during that period in time, regarding evidence to assist him in his thesis. In the 1960s, it was confirmed that each brain cell in the visual cortex responds to a different pattern. In addition, later research validated that Fouriers mathematical equations were able to convert the visual images into his language of wave patterns. These wave forms contain hidden patterns, allowing for the prediction of the next movement within that fraction. Subsequently, this also allowed for the possibility that the brain may be breaking down frequencies into their components. Pribram initially arrived at the conclusion that the universe in itself is truly a vast, infinite frequency domain. However, then he stumbled upon the research of David Bohm, providing him with the possible answer that he was seeking after all, that the entire universe is a hologram.

David Bohms formed the conclusion of the holographic universe during his research of subatomic particles, for example, if matter is fragmented into smaller parts of the whole, such as electrons, protons etc. at one point, they will no longer possess the traits of objects. They will lack dimension, and therefore could not be measured at the time. However, another discovery displayed that electrons are capable of manifesting as either a particle or a wave, henceforth electrons can perform actions in wave form, which the particle would be unable to imitate and vice versa. This shape shifting ability is common to all groups of subatomic particles. Yet, one cannot be precisely certain, as they are always both. These are known as quanta. Above all, quanta are only perceived as being a particle when they are being observed by anyone. Therefore, experimental findings suggest that an electron, when unobserved, is at all times a wave. As a result, the thesis was constructed that subatomic particles, also referred to as the fabric of reality, are interconnected and function as an indivisible system. For instance, in the positronium atom, subsequently to the decay of the positron and the electron, no matter how large the distance between the photons may seem, the angle of polarization always appear identical.

Additionally, Bohm later on observed that the ocean of electrons seemed to shift their behaviour towards being a part of a greater interconnected whole. With the increased dissatisfaction in several prevailing outlooks on physics, Bohm postulated that electrons do exist in the absence of observers. Despite Einsteins growing interest in Bohms alternative version of quantum theory, Bohm was certain that subatomic regions require further exploration by the scientific community, thus he constructed the field quantum potential, in which he hypothesized that the subquantum level encompasses all of space.

Nevertheless, when Bohms and Pribrams theories were combined, the result that was created was often fiercely rejected by the old-fashioned approach of science, in frequency this was due to philosophical differences. At the time, it was widely believed that it was probable for any theory to be complete. Bohm openly protested against the statement, reinforcing that such a mind-set may spoil further expansion in the field, as its nature may be infinite. Also, according to his view, no singular cause and effect association is every truly separated from the universe as a whole, emphasising upon the significance of wholeness, instead of the common scientific perspective of necessitated fragmentation. This previous research slowly but surely allowed for the concealed hierarchies of order within the universe to gradually come into view for Bohm and Pribram, although not all scientists followed his pathway, a deeper degree of reality was patiently unfolding. Both had discovered a nonlocal universe, a nonlocal self, which assembled the facts, regarding the undivided nature of all, and that further separation of aspects may lead to the extinction of humanity.

The Holographic Universe And The Unconscious

Carl Jung reasoned that the symbols encountered in his clients dreams, visions, hallucinations and fantasies hold information that cannot be entirely explained by their biographical history, instead he speculated that they all originated from the same source, the collective unconscious. He called those images archetypes. No other hypothesis at the time, except for the holographic paradigm, presented an explanation, since all things in the universe are interconnected, although the appearance of separation appear as a part of physical reality, truth be told, there are no limitations or borders. Bohm consequently shared his allegiance to the thesis by stating that “Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one.”

Due to the implicate order, individuals appear to be slightly restricted in access beyond the personal unconscious, unless in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. In the 1960s, Montague Ullman performed various dream studies in order to determine whether human beings are capable of holding a conversation in a manner, which could not be explained by scientific research at the time, for instance, one individual is kept asleep in one room, and another is asked to pain an image. Even though the results were mainly inconclusive, there were slight traces of unconscious knowledge. Henceforth, he continued employing the technique of dream analysis during psychotherapy, he examined the relentlessness of dreams, as they attempted to convey significant lessons to the client, often appearing in different metaphors to trigger a form of self-realisation and personal development. He concluded that this monitoring process cannot merely be attempting to achieve the welfare of the individual, yet this may represent the concern shared for the survival and evolution of the species, which intents to generate a personal transformation. Subsequently, Ullman observed a cosmic feeling of oneness and loss of physical boundaries in a variety of his patients, for instance, psychotics, schizophrenics and more profound holographic thinking patterns in manic depressive clients. Also he emphasized that most human being possess an internal mechanism that serves to protect individuals from initiating too much contact with the implicate order than can be processed at any one time during dreams. However, Fred Alan Wolf shared the belief that all dreams are internal holograms, certain less vivid dreams appear as virtual images, yet when there is a conscious observer, the waves converge at the point of focus. Yet, he was also of the opinion that lucid dreams in actuality are travels to parallel universes, although one cannot be certain whether that includes all types of dreams, as there would be an infinite amount of other realities to be explored.

While Stanislav Grof was performing his LSD research, the phenomenon of transpersonal experiences, involving the collective unconscious became more tangible, he also supported the lack of distinction between the fragments and the whole, since his sessions were often filled with archetypal imagery and symbolism, as each small aspect of the experience is capable of representing a rather large amount of information. Each time Grof witnessed a non-ordinary state of consciousness, he believed the underlying holographic order was surfacing. Nonetheless, multiple personalities disorder often display a collection of smaller wholes due to mind-splitting traumatic experiences, although closely related to the dynamics of the original personality, in most cases they will be unable to retain their former character, but build upon a new foundation of all aspects of the self in one. Multiple personalities are frequently capable of altering all about themselves, scars, allergies, brain-wave patterns, wounds etc. which may vanish by the unconscious application of rapid cellular regeneration.

Holographic Principles

Throughout the last few decades, countless individuals, suffering from terminal cancer sought alternative treatment options due to the dim, short-lived predictions that they were provided with. In fact, the therapeutic use of imagery proved to in the least extend the amount of time that was the determined life-expectancy, whereas others benefited entirely from the daily techniques. For instance, the visualization generated in these cases yielded as much power and more than the external condition that was being combated against. The influence the images hold often trigger physical functions over time, however the very seed of the idea can often be traced back to the imagination itself, thus the intention would be forced to permeate through all subtle levels of the holographic order to eventually rise above them and become manifest within physical reality. However, since the nature of visualization can be rather specific, physiological and anatomical knowledge of the processes interfering with the balance of the whole should be investigated in fine detail. Yet, there is another factor to be considered in the progression towards full health, the attitude attached towards it. In frequency, individuals possessing an optimistic outlook upon their healing naturally stand a higher chance than those with a pessimistic view, it should be noted here that fear carries a very dense resonance, especially when repressed.

Nevertheless, methods of guided imagery can be applied in various aspects of society, for example, sports, martial arts, lucid dreaming, astral projection and so on, in order to improve the success rate and personal capabilities. As visualization operates on a subliminal level of the mind and the images in themselves are considered to be of a holographic nature, physical processes are activated on a deeper level of reality. In addition, another phenomenon that contributes to the holographic paradigm would be the placebo effect, in which actual medicine is often substituted by a saline solution or sugar pills. In 1950, several patients presented themselves with angina pectoris, instead of ordering customary surgery, all of them were opened up in the operating room and then swiftly closed back up again in order to produce an effective placebo effect, initially created by tricking the mind into the thought pattern of a successful procedure. A similar effect was produced during ancient healing rituals. Nevertheless, the behaviour exhibited by the physician and type of procedure to administer it can be vital in assessing its effectiveness, hence an injection has a higher rate of effectiveness than a pill, although the colour of the pill also proves significant in the mental process. Conclusively, the holograms surrounding our health protocols seem to be varied dependent upon the individual psyche.

The belief systems that are constructed by the individual regularly impress upon them, such as the beliefs, which are culturally imposed upon them by community naturally affects their actions, but the influence of ones philosophy far extends beyond that, it affects every aspect of the false self. For instance, optimism increases the strength of the immune system, happiness naturally improves ones state of health, also stress lowers the immune response. There are more severe examples, Jack Schwartz was held in a concentration camp, thus he was subject to an immense amount of cruelty and all forms of indecent assault, which caused him to develop the ability to control his own internal biological processes, allowing for him to take full responsibility of his own health. The holographic principles cannot be demonstrated, they already have been on numerous occasions in various countries, one can only attain true realization of them, once one has been able to gain insight into the truth of reality.


Numerous accounts of immunity to fire has been documented in association with the peak experience of religious faith, however it is suspected that the immunity in itself is caused by the phenomenon of psycho-kinesis. Grof suspected the law of physics may not be static after all, hence an individual would only be able to access the implicate order during an altered state of consciousness. Gordon Globus described it as the mind generating a physical reality out of the raw material (non-corporeal) of the implicate order, conversely many are of the opinion that there could be an infinite number of separate realities. In 1871, an african-american blacksmith was capable of withstanding steaming hot metal without the slightest remainder of burn marks. In the presence of a committee, he heated a shovel and held it against the bottom of his feet, additionally he also poured liquid lead onto his teeth, leaving it there until it eventually solidified without any sign of physical harm.

Around the 1980s, a soviet laboratory was able to discover neutrinos with mass. Although this may provide support towards Jahn and Dunne, it cannot be precisely proven that subatomic particles are manufactured unconsciously by the observer. Therefore, the possibility that human perception may not be based upon data received through the five senses. Through a variety of experimental evidence assembled during hypnotherapy sessions, it is entirely possible for a client to exchange his sense perception for that of another. Additionally, accounts of telepathy within a mental form of reality has also been experienced during the experiments. Both parties were able to communicate with each other by creating their own shared reality, henceforth a field effect is evident between them, a reality field binding them, as it may. Factually, one cannot be certain, whether one is constantly sensing or receiving information from reality fields, or whether each individual has their own, perhaps several.

Josephson and Globus both proposed that objective reality may be produced out of the collective memories of humanity, whereas there are other experiences, such as psycho-kinesis, levitation, and telepathy, which is entirely produced by the individuals willpower. Bohm shared the outlook that psycho-kinesis and telepathy may be the result of a resonance (of meaning) conveyed either from mind to mind or mind to object. As distance is of no significance, the phenomena will appear equally as powerful anywhere within the universe.

However, if the thesis of the reality field is accurate, as each individuals perception naturally differs from another, each being would possess their own reality-field, thus in the occurrence of PK or telepathy, both of the reality-fields either merge to form one or an entirely new one is created out of the conscious or unconscious intent of either one or both parties.

Sai Baba, for instance, a master in manifestation and bilocation, often portrays his significant abilities in crowds. He has been known to snap his finger and appear about 40 yards away instantaneously. Since the phenomenon of instant teleportation, except for lucid dreams, is considered to be against the law of physics, unless highly advanced technology is involved, the holographic theory, involving the reality-fields from which the universe is constructed, offers the explanation that the “laws of physics” only apply to our existence as we know it due to the fact that we believe them to, we expect them to…We are so deeply absorbed in our own programming that most of us do not choose to look beyond the horizon, out of the fear of falling over the edge. Yet, history can only repeat itself for so long, until extinction or evolution occurs.

Holographic Human Energy Field

The mind often prides itself upon its analytical ability, however the procedure of receiving the image, its processing in the temporal lobes, followed by the eventual arrival at the visual cortices could hardly be considered to be accurate. Therefore, the 50 percent of visual data perceived by our eyes and another 50 percent of information, originating from our perception of the phenomenal world, such as our expectations, wishes, dreams etc., form the reality that is known to us. As the universe in itself could be viewed as a frequency domain, converted into visual images by our own facilities, the brain has naturally began to edit certain aspects of reality out of the picture. For example, it is quite well known that children are more psychically attuned than adults and thus if trained in the matter respond at a swifter pace. This phenomenon can be explained by the idea of “breaking out the matrix”. Many medical professionals have dedicated their entire lives to the research of the illusion itself, it is merely instinctive to frown and reject any idea that may negatively influence their entire profession. Throughout the last few years, I have been studying various forms of surgery manuals, and their chemical counterparts. Then, I stumbled upon an article of a physician in India, who performed surgeries by the use of his ability to view auras. To my disappointment, further research concluded that this phenomenon was far and few between, although most of the professionals in India practice a form of ayurvedic medicine. Nevertheless, the phenomenon in itself does not stand alone. A large amount of medical professionals are beginning to realise the vast potential of reading the energy field, as it literally manifests all internal, psychological, mental, psychical and physiological processes of the individual. Although the aura is frequently perceived in different forms due to the individual nature of the psyche, there are common denominators, which allow for the subject to scientifically map it out further. In relation to the holographic universe, the human energy field displays that which is not yet manifest. The aura contains various layers of energy, each layer will be less dense than the previous. These layers also cover various multidimensional aspects., such as the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body and the emotional body, each one has its own techniques for multidimensional travel. Hence, one could form the inference that each individual in itself could be conceived as being an entire universe.. In fact, there are most likely enough inner realities in order to facilitate the theory. Biological frequency research evidently supports the holographic paradigm and has in its own right the ability to further the development of less harmful, frequency enhancing medical technology.

Since the energy field both influences the physical body and the brain, the true action of free will has come into question, yet what if what we see ourself to be is as illusionary as the world that surrounds us…What if the true decision made is not on a conscious levels but merely works its way up the levels? That would allow for the theory that our waking consciousness is limited and only unfolds its true potential in an altered state with the actual realizations of our capabilities.

The Illusion of Time And Space

As past, present and future do not appear to be static and non-linear. As evidenced by numerous accounts of cooperation between clairvoyants and archaeologists, events of the past are quite easily accessible by the means of retrocognition. In consequence, precognition or premonitions do not seem to be merely a figment of the imagination, in fact, several cases that were documented in detail throughout history, such as the sinking of the Titanic, the bombing of the twin towers and the burning of the Hindenburg, clearly convey that these kinds of visions can be a life or death matter. Henceforth, future occurrences may not be as random as previously thought. Although this almost threatens the concept of free will, in many records there is evidence of various routes that one may be able to traverse. Knowing the unfolding of an event, does not merely allow for knowing that which is going to happen, but it also provides a higher degree of choice. To acknowledge what one has seen as the truth, or to question ones own vision, thus ultimately choice has a tendency to remain, yet mostly in order not to disturb the divine play and pre-marked pathways that one may have created before reincarnation. These assumptions are naturally in favour of the holographic universe theory, however there are still further implications to be considered. The effect, which the holographic paradigm, applies to the nature of time and space would be considered as illusionary, yet as infinite and immortal, as everything within existence. If one were to truly accept the concept of reincarnation, travelling through infinity one life at a time until one reaches the ultimate evolution that no longer requires that which we perceive to be “physical form”, the implications exhibited around the globe would financially cripple more than merely the economy. Although mysticism is deeply integrated in most ancient scriptures that remained unaltered during the centuries, the ones used by mainstream religions have been edited to ensure Christianitys firm grasp over society for decades. Hence, spirituality and religion have distanced themselves.

Nonetheless, if the concept of time is in itself an illusion, space, being deeply rooted into time, also becomes an illusion in the holographic paradigm. Therefore, the space time contiuum is non-local in essence, which allows for the thesis that as everything is one, everything occurs at once, everywhere, throughout the whole of time. Out of body experiences and near death experiences clearly support this hypothesis by presenting hundreds of cases with similar statements, describing a timeless, formless, infinite realm constructed by thoughts, hopes, expectations and desires. The Tibetan Book of the dead also reinforces this conclusion, however in a more controlled manner, since it contains in depth descriptions of the visions and experiences through which the individual is guided. However, due to the nature of the buddhist practice, the document would be memorized, thus the expectation of a pre-created path could take shape after the point of death. Incorporating the multi-verse theory, including time and space being of human construct, within the holomovement, nothing can truly be physical or static.

Spirit And The Holographic Paradigm

In view of the holographic paradigm, my personal opinion may not entirely reflect Talbot’s perspective, however it very closely mirrors the ideas brought forth by David Bohm and Karl Pribram. Ancient doctrines, proceeding Christianity, often describe the soul as being of non-physical origin. For example, certain eastern traditions reinforce the belief of reincarnation, especially in transgender cases, as these have a tendency of leading to the accumulation of high spiritual wisdom. The knowledge that the body given may not suit the expectations is a harsh and necessary truth for them, yet it simultaneously strengthens the fact that “You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not your emotions.”, which often intentionally creates a degree of detachment towards the material realm, especially in a community, in which spiritual advancement is held in the highest regard.

In my personal opinion, the soul is immortal, every-changing. In actuality, I doubt that there is much that remains on a conscious level from one reincarnation to the other, however the essence remains throughout infinity and eternity. In an interview, regarding the 2012 galactic alignment, the Princess of Japan discussed the subject of her views on reincarnation intently, she stated that the part that remains is the unconditional love of our being. However, at the very depth of the psyche, all past lifetimes would still be remembered. Painful memories would be manifest as an unconscious desire or nag during the next physical life, until it has been healed or until one has transcended the physical nature of the universe. It is rumoured that all knowledge is stored in a non-corporeal library, known as the Akashic records, there are also several techniques, with which one can begin to learn how to access them at will.

Since the spirit would not have any definite form, one may view it as becoming something like a interference pattern after death, its nature would be boundless, and in itself it would be capable of tapping into the entire frequency domain that it is connected to, thus realizing its infinite oneness, whilst still being able to perceive itself as a separate unit of consciousness. Truth be told, the holographic paradigm has adapted a rather spiritual approach towards the concept of matter and consciousness…As both can never be severed, but both perceive themselves to be separate, an internal conflict can easily be pre-predicted. Souls within the holomovement would naturally strive for the pathway towards the realization of the illusion, yet one has to consider the determined manner with which humans avoid suffering. The denial most human beings exhibit when confronted with a fact so utterly painful that it could destroy, what they consider to be, their identity. What they fail to acknowledge consciously is that each loss represents a gain, even if one is unable to recognize it at that point in time. Evolution and suffering often occur hand in hand with one another, as one gives birth to the other. However, technically the cessation of suffering in a holographic paradigm can only constitute the rising in frequency, which is fairly documented in various Vedic and Buddhist scriptures, yet those concepts eventually gives rise to a formless existence.

The non-local properties displayed by consciousness, space and time could only be genuinely explained by theory that all is one. This thesis would affect the concept of the soul, since the personal unconscious would cease to exist at that depth and only the collective unconscious would prevail, fragmented into variant parts of the whole. Although the fragmentation and singular evolution of each aspect of reality would gradually allow for the evolution of the whole to occur, the natural development of the fragments may represent the internal progression of the whole. As microcosm is macrocosm, the soul would not be bound by physicality and may be able to incarnate into Universes within the subatomic particle range, which may be scientifically too small for human beings to perceive at the present time.


In fact, the theory of the absolute may even be reversible. If we are but minor aspects of the absolutes dream, unconscious or perhaps essence, there may be the possibility that each individual possesses their own internal universe, which in turn would also be part of the whole. Like an unending chain of realities within the implicate order. As within infinity, nothing is impossible.

Since there cannot be a clear distinction between the external, physical reality and the inner, psychological and spiritual processes, one is merely a representation for the other and vice versa. It has been repeatedly documented that until a lesson is learnt in the physical existence, events will be continuously manifested in order for that lesson to be successfully mastered. Within certain realms of offender differentiation, it is commonly believed that the victim of a crime is often selected on an unconscious level of thought. Yet, the lesson faced does not necessarily involve physical violence, often it incorporates unwholesome character traits, as one can observe in the Adhidharma, a Buddhist manual towards wholesomeness. These include attitudes such as anxiety, distrust, laziness, anger, envy etc., basically all negative that derives from the nature of craving.

In my professional opinion, I believe that certain past lives hold a greater amount of influence over the individual than others, for instance, a life of an economical criminal. The habitual pattern of thoughts and deeds would require very much willpower to overcome, henceforth most souls eventually find themselves in a never-ending cyclical existence, which they have grown tired of within time. Approximately 25 percent of American citizens spend most of their life in incarceration, constantly in and out of prison since teenage years, continuously worrying about their own sense of freedom without the power to change their future decisions and often without suitable education nor knowledge of middle-class ethical conduct. In addition, loss and violence can also determine further unconscious behaviour or thought patterns. Several individuals that have undergone torture procedures in variant countries, at times display an unconscious anxiety, however due to the military training, I have often witnessed it appearing more as a form of paranoia, stemming from anxiety. In one particular case study, a young man presented himself to me, he was very socially oriented, charming, seemingly detached. It became known that he had experienced exceedingly physical punishment from both parental figures and frequently from peers during the first 21 years of his life, which on several occasions nearly cost him his life. Conversely, it was discovered that his last life was spent during the First World War as a soldier. Although he was one of the few that survived the ordeal, he recollected being in a very dark place mentally after returning and attempting to carry on with his life. He had begun a job as a tram ticket collector and for the time being he was moving on. However, one day, a group of feminists had boarded the tram that he was on, he approached the first female and enquired whether she could show him her ticket. She openly stated that she did not have a ticket, and began an argument. At first, he asked her to leave, yet the behaviour of both parties was escalating. Subsequently, he lifted himself up and kicked her off the tram by the back-door. He had no intention of her falling underneath the tram following behind his, she had died on impact. Afterwards, the conductor went home, he hung himself hours after, unable to live with the fact that he had murdered a female. It was later confirmed that his mother in this life had been the female boarding the tram, refusing to pay her ticket. When considering his childhood, the physical punishment may have been a way of overcompensating for any unconscious resentment that she may still harbour, although both had officially forgiven themselves and were able to discuss the experience within a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, the individual unconscious of the soul may require a specific length of time to mend any existent negative resonances within the frequency patterns. Thus the soul, although contained inside the holomovement, can still suffer an immense amount of heartache because of the nature of the illusion, and for most, to describe the whole of existence as an illusion, often results in rather negative feedback due to the amount of attachment and value human beings place upon the phenomenal world. The design of the holographic universe would naturally encompass the most effective methods of triggering an evolution within the created illusionary mechanisms, unfortunately that may in actuality be the reason of all suffering, as the cause in itself is craving. However, as the truth unfolds, and the appearance of fragmentation ceases to exist, the soul of universe begins to gradually surface from the deepest depths of reality.

In reference to Sojourn The evolution of the soul, in comparison to the holographic paradigm, for the soul to be able to mature enough in order to be able to handle the truth about the reality that they inhabit wisely requires thousands of lifetimes. To become an old soul, understanding the illusion, but not allowing it to shatter that static peace within.

The War Of Science and Consciousness

Mathematically, the likelihood of consciousness ending is zero. Science has confined itself solely to the material realm for approximately five hundred years, however there was a time, when science was not bound by the laws of the Roman Catholic Church, in which an ancient kind of science flourished that embraced multiple realms of scholarship.

For instance, if the Antikythera mechanism had been discovered before the turn of the century, the industrial age would have most likely begun in Athens. It remains one of the greatest mysteries of science as to who designed and manufactured it. It defied all capabilities of known science at the time. The device has the oldest known complex gear mechanism and is also referred to as the first known analogue computer, although the quality of its manufacture suggests that it may have had undiscovered predecessors during the Hellenistic Period. It appears to be constructed upon theories of astronomy and mathematics developed by Greek astronomers and it is estimated to have been fashioned around the time of 100 BC. It should be noted that the device, if functional, would possess the accuracy equivalent to that of an atomic clock. Numerous scientist have over the years studied and attempted to replicate the mechanism in its entirely. In essence, the mechanism was operated by turning a small hand crank, which was linked via a crown gear to the largest gear. This allowed setting of the date on the front dial. The action of turning the hand crank would also cause all interlocked gears within the mechanism to rotate, resulting in the calculation of the position of the Sun and Moon and other astronomical information, such as moon phases, eclipse cycles, and theoretically the locations of planets. The mechanism is remarkable for the level of miniaturisation and the complexity of its parts, which is comparable to that of 14th century astronomical clocks. It has at least 30 gears, although Michael Wright has suggested that the Greeks of this period were capable of implementing a system with countless more gears. There is much debate that the mechanism may have had indicators for all five of the planets known to the ancient Greeks.

Furthermore, it is a well known fact that mankind would have progressed an equivalence of 1500 years in science, philosophy, engineering and medicine. It is also widely known that the Roman Catholic Church burnt and destroyed thousands upon thousands of scientific manuscripts. There are rumours that the documents were merely placed within the Vatican vaults. If it is so…The one that holds the knowledge truly holds the power.

Countless accusations of heresy or demon worship, followed by the imminent death of millions. A religion that began to relish the blood on their hands, as it provided them with ultimate spiritual control based upon fear. Nonetheless, I personally believe in the existence of Jesus in Jerusalem. He may not have been Caucasian and his message would have varied and become corrupted after numerous alterations to the set texts. Ultimately, the spiritually beneficial effects of any religion should not be disputed or criticised, however the individual should be protected from being forced into compliance with a certain faith. Consequently, with the exception of the Catholic Church exterminating disbelievers, other forms of competition, labelling it as Mythology or Demonology, are there malevolent non-corporeal entities, seeking a host or feeding from the energy of the “living”? Modern society has mostly abandoned the practice of demonology. And due to human right violations, so did the Roman Catholic Church, therefore the fear-based system of demonic possession has gradually fallen into the psychiatric categories of psychosis, delusions and hallucinations. The subject of Demonology has almost entirely been swept under the carpet of religion. One could assume that this is due to the fear of attracting such a malevolent creature, yet there are always those curious enough to dabble in the dark arts.index

Simply disregarding the bias of religion, science would come to gain a more profound insight into the entanglement of the physical and non-corporeal domains. Metaphorically speaking, full health can only be achieved in body, mind and spirit, otherwise it is not truly full health. A medical practitioner within modern society dare not interfere with the mental or spiritual health of the patient, as it is legally not their field of expertise. The three aspects which are ought to promote health, Medical Science and Spirituality have become fragmented. Each are individual paths that cannot be officially united without scientific bias in the West. However, the East managed to preserve a large number of their practices over the centuries, which are gradually becoming equal to Western practices. The conception of the multi-verse, parallel universes and other planes of existence, which was a known fact in numerous ancient civilisations, is now approaching a stage of general acceptance within society. In my professional opinion, mankind is on the verge of evolution towards a form of greater understanding. As with all forms of evolution, the Darwinian principle of natural selection still remains. The change occurs gradually until it reaches the final stages of conscious recognition. Nonetheless, countless resist that change that consists of a merging of science and spirit due to the immense repercussions that were to follow, such as a loss of control of the church and a large amount of modifications to science texts, which would incorporate a giant amount of financial losses from pharmaceutical corporations. The system would collapse under its own weight. After so many scientific enquiries from variant angles have led to a similar path, why does science not turn back to Spirit? In essence, it is the same reason, as to why the Bosnian Pyramids carry such a professionally debilitating stigma. History is ultimately composed by the victor, yet that does not mean there are not numerous ancient secrets that we have not yet uncovered. We, as a species, have merely scratched the surface. Mankind has reached the point of returning to ancient concepts, renaming them, but at the core, they still contain the same meaning. New Physics and New Biology is merely a viewpoint that has been rejected and frowned upon for centuries due to the fate which befell the practitioner. It is the same reason, as to why countless universities have become blacklisted by certain authorities for branching those subjects to a professional and scientific degree. In the end, we are merely rediscovering the concepts of the ancient times, however there appears to be a continuing struggle between the truth and the control over the before mentioned truth. There is little to gain financially from a concept that preaches the effects of mind over matter or the placebo effect, which does not need for the usage of actual chemical compounds. For instance, radionics functions upon the principle that all beings are interconnected, thus it permits for the practitioner to mend the patient from afar, similar to concepts of distance healing, except for the fact that it adjusts the energy frequencies of the bodies. The Russian Pyramids, fashioned into hospitals and prisons, provide a similar effect.

However, there is a branch of research that has suffered more than most in this struggle for power, the study into psychic phenomena. Although science dabbles in it occasionally, it is generally frowned upon, whereas it is not a subject discussed in most Western religions. It has become Pandora’s Box of science, as it encompasses a large amount of para-science, whilst operating on the principles of quantum physics. Psychic ability and archaeology have officially fared well in the past, however there are archaeological locations that would alter history as it is known, if they were to be discovered, such as Adams Calendar in South Africa. Numerous psychics have walked upon the grounds and begun to speak in old tongues. Certain individuals speak of the location as the birthplace of man. In search for a higher consciousness, I am confident that humanity will stumble upon many more unknown treasures of their ancestors.

In addition, renowned prophet and healer Edgar Cayce not only spoke of a new kind of humanity and referred to it as the 5th Root race. He predicted that it would appear in the years 1998 to 2010. Meta-physicians and other gurus also share the belief and the anticipation of this recent emergence of the new type of human they refer to as Indigos.

The ufology community conducted research into the extraterrestrial phenomenon experienced by children. Their explorations thus far have produced such terms as the New Humans or, more commonly, Star Children. The profiles of the Indigo children share the same attributes or are strikingly similar. They are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and posses healing and clairvoyant abilities.

The Indigo children also share an inherent capacity to articulately express knowledge and awareness of deep spiritual concepts, historical, anthropological and scientific data, far beyond the capacity of even the most learned scholars, regardless of their age, level of cognitive development, education and numerous other pertinent factors. This confronting evidence has even captured the attention and interest of the Chinese government who are researching children who possess exceptional human functioning (EHF), more commonly referred to as ‘China’s Super Psychics’.

Socrates once stated that wisdom is knowing how little we know. Conclusively, in the earliest treatise on warfare, The Art of War, written in 500 B.C. by the Chinese general Sun Tzu, details the intimate link between success in battle and the skilled management of a force which is known as Chi. The basic principles are elucidated within the document.

Sun Tzu argues that wars are won through a combination of conventional military tactics and a variety of extraordinary methods which involve the knowledge and control of life force, which flows through the body of the warrior and can be used to influence the mind of the enemy to produce illusions, deception and weakness. The warrior cultivated Chi through self-knowledge gained by following the mystical Taoist traditions. Mental stillness and other psi-conducive stated enabled the warrior to obtain a poise and concentration so intense that it was effortless in its deadly spontaneity. Such training emphasized the ability to maintain the meditative state in the midst of intense physical activity. The martial arts trained the warrior to take advantage of the slightest break in the enemy’s concentration.

The Nazis are said to have assembled many powerful occult adepts from Tibet and Japan to train and advise them. One of the most important and powerful groups in Germany was the Nazi Occult Bureau, which attempted to use occult forces for espionage and the magical control of events including a conscious, pseudo-Nietzschean attempt to replace Christianity with the ancient Teutonic myth of the war god, Wotan. Coincidentally, in the early 1930s, the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung noticed a marked pattern of imagery of the war God Wotan in the dreams of his German patients. The situation was so dramatic that it prompted him to write, in an essay in 1933, that the German people were subconsciously preparing themselves for war. It is rumoured that Hitler himself obtained extensive occult training from the German nationalistic Vril Society and the adept circle known as the Thule Group. Teachings of these groups account for many aspects of Nazi culture which are inexplicable in terms of ordinary historical scholarship.

It was during the Eisenhower administration, according to knowledgeable sources, that the CIA set up an inter-agency committee to follow psi research. This committee has been active for three decades, and has sponsored a number of international scientific conferences to which Soviet neurophysiologists and cyberneticists were invited. Counter-intelligence cases during this period led the CIA to infer that the Chinese military had achieved significantly superior mind control abilities, due to training methodology passed on from the Soviet Union.

Evidently, there are a large amount of phenomena that science cannot adequately quantify without the incorporation of spirit or consciousness. In conclusion, one may easily arrive at the inference that certain military research is not as openly shared, which may also hinder society in unfolding their full potential. Mankind has become a race that requires to witness in order to believe wholeheartedly in a particular phenomena, which can only occur if the species evolves as whole towards a common direction. In my professional opinion, science has evolved to a certain degree since separating from spirit, however an age is approaching, in which humanity can become open-minded and emotionally detached enough in order to discuss and further research of the union of science and spirit to the fullest. Yet, until mankind reaches that stage of evolution, there are numerous independent scholars that will work ceaselessly on the solemn incorporation of spiritual standpoints into science. Ultimately, all forms of scholarship lead to a similar path, merely the perception of the conclusion may vary.