America Owns Teleportation, Free Energy & Warp Drive

Have you ever felt like you are simply being distracted from what’s really going on?
Say No to War and Orchestrated Violence, Demand Affordable Education and Free Energy!

Warp Drive Patent USD580465

Warp Drive Specifications Patent US20030114313

Artificial Gravity Patent US3333788

Water Engine Patent US7552702

Dilithium Crystal Trigger Module Patent US20070200137

Broadcast Disseminations of Trace Quantities of Biologically Active Chemicals Patent US03994437

Demand what’s yours.
The servant has and always will be the true master by their own choice to serve.
Only the people hold the power.
Your choice matters!

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Fuel Generated From Seawater

Once every idea is the intellectual property of a corporation, 

What will stop them from charging you for thinking?


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Side-Note: By 2040, all water would resemble a toxic pulp, but even that can be utilized as fuel.

Synergistic Evolution of Power

Every country is gradually facing a point of no return. Mankind has almost utilised all fossil fuels of the planet. The time has come to move forward. Renewable sources of energy have been discovered and are in daily use. The high winds of England and Scotland along the south east coast, for instance, holds a sufficient amount of wind-farms, which if expanded would result in the expansion of companies and replenishment of trust within the industry, which owns this budding form of technology. Energy bills are rising as the cost of fossil fuels increases. The Electricite De France has, in essence, created the endless energy bill, which drains resources. The increase of wind-farms would initially provide a sufficient amount of income for variant companies, including the required maintenance. The decrease of energy costs allows for resources to be moved into sectors of higher priority, such as education and healthcare. Britain would then possess excess energy, which could easily be sold to neighbouring countries. This is just one of numerous examples with which the economy of various countries could be restored.

More importantly, there are currently two nations upon this planet that are caught within a struggle of power. One is in itself a budding empire and could include renewable energy sources, such as solar power, within its economy with great ease. To empower the people to march forward through the adversity of global economics in order for honour, duty and loyalty to prevail. The maintenance of any renewable energy source within these grounds are often performed by the people themselves, as they would be educated to do so. It would be one of the first instances, in which governmentally controlled renewable energy would become a source of empowerment for the public also. It would be able to effortlessly establish itself and become one of the main power distributors for the following thousand years by supplying renewable energy to neighbouring countries, which will necessitate additional support in developing or maintaining this technology. One could only dream of further achievements within solar panel development within certain countries. The transparent solar panel, for instance. In addition, the excess energy could be easily be utilised to perform scientific experiments of any nature.

The other, however, is in itself a nation crumbling upon its own weight. To secure its future, the path would be to embrace renewable energy source in all its forms and run with it for the glory of the 200 yard touchdown. The government that controls the renewable energy sources within their country holds the permanent strings to any economy. The key that shall open any door. The wide-spread distribution of solar panels within any country requires regular maintenance to customers, which is where the power lies. If the government or corporations were to own countless solar panels throughout the nation, the economic structure of the country would excel. To provide the public with the solar panels allows for a profound reduction in energy costs by only just paying for the maintenance. It would be an industrialized company owned product, which could be easily removed at any time, if the maintenance bill has not been paid. Therefore, to not utilize renewable energy sources would become a taxable offence. The public would openly provide mass support the industrialization of renewable energy sources in order to save the planet and prevent further usage of fossil fuels. The economic power for solar energy is truly infinite, as it still within its early developmental stages. To truly envision the grasp of power within these renewable energy sources, one could imagine the usage of air-filters inside large cities. The pollution levels caused by various industries would allow for a wide variety of short term, pioneering uses in order to utilise the potential of this kind of technology. To recycle the air, as it may, cleansing it from undesired chemicals. Once the pollution levels have been reduced, an automated motor-vehicle system styled network would become a favourable replacement, allowing for speeding and driving under the influence under further governmental control. The pollution produced by motor vehicles has become a predominant issue around the globe and the time has come that alternative fuel sources are mainstreamed. The redundant power stations could be turned into research facilities. Official experiments involving Tesla coils, time-travel and experimental power sources, which require large amounts of energy in the beginning, could be performed. The Hadron collider serves only as an example for the capability of humanity in regards to all kinds particle research, such as the search for the Higgs Boson particle, which could easily be replicated and redefined in variant locations of the planet. Forcefield and cloaking technology would become feasible when regarding the expenditure of power. This would also allow for research into the true nature of pyramids, psionics, sacred geometry and higher consciousness. The corporations would essentially be in complete control of the maintenance of all products stemming from research and otherwise. Within reason, naturally. As renewable energy sources and technology is provided at a renewable, affordable price, it would allow the corporations to feasible take control over governmental authorities in a legal manner ie. running for the presidency or leadership over a country. It would be no surprise that the people would vote for them as they would have opened up renewable, affordable, secure energy sources and further developing research. Can you imagine the pitch? ‘We are the corporation that gives your children a future!”. Once free transport and energy, apart from maintenance costs, would have been provided, the next step would be to incorporate this technology into aerospace engineering. The scrubbing of air could be a commonly used concept. Once solar and wind technology have been merged and refined, solar wind farms could be utilized for power as well as travel. One could even go as far as to imagine solar wind catching technology in order to perform projected light transport, which is, in essence, a photon beam directed toward a reflective surface inside a large solar generator. The solar generator would thus possess sufficient power for propulsion in order to travel at speed of the laser by which it was charged. A built in solar emitter at the destination would allow the craft to draw energy until being fired back. However basic, it would be a beginning. Nonetheless, the probabilities for expansion are truly infinite, if mankind were to reach the point utilising renewable energy.

Conclusively, he, who owns the sun, owns everything.