Mind Over Matter

Placebo Effect

Each function of the human body is susceptible to thoughts and feelings, in a way it is hardwired to experience every emotion. In consequence it was discovered that the suppression of negative emotion influences diseases harboured within the physical body to the degree of aiding its progression. The placebo effect describes the procedure of a patient receiving that which they believe to be actual medicine that results in the same physiological outcome, conclusively it is evidenced that the patients belief in itself was capable of neutralizing the bodily condition. In addition, the mind affecting biology and biology affecting the mind is a commonly experienced fact within daily life. For instance, in a study performed by the Institute of Heartmath, scientists unravelled that positive and negative thinking patterns impact upon the immune system. The amount of salivary immunoglobulin A (s-IgA) was monitored in each individual, assessing the influence of the thought “Anger and Frustration” in comparison to “Care and Compassion”. It should be noted that a large amount of salivary immunoglobulin A indicates a strong immune system, whilst a low amount indicated a weak one. The outcome clearly showed that thoughts involving “Care and Compassion” produced a more resilient immune system, which remained elevated for at least five hours afterwards, whereas thoughts of “Anger and Frustration” generally lowered the overall immune system for five hours. Another study observing the effects of Transcendental Mediation discovered that practitioners for over five years appeared to be physiologically younger than their chronological age. Hence due to a further study into Zen meditators, it was affirmed that the brain does not require to decline with age, if it is in receipt of the appropriate treatment in order to trigger neuroprotective effects. Also, it was evident that Zen meditators develop an increased thickness of the prefrontal cortex in areas associated with attention. Therefore, the body can be influenced rather strongly by the mind, even age may not necessarily have to apply. A way of thinking and feeling, which allows for the individuals body to heal or preserve the youthfulness of the faculties, as it may. Nonetheless, for the actual placebo effect to occur, three main factors are necessary. The individual must have a substancial desire to be healed, they must expect to be healed or at least hold a form of positive expectation, and naturally the belief that they will be healed due to the medicine or competency of the medical staff. Technically, the patient enters a non-ordinary state of consciousness, most of the time this does not occur on a conscious level. Primarily, the principle of mind over matter proven by hundreds of studies performed applies greatly with the placebo effect, yet it is also a known factor that the behaviour and attitude of the medical personnel has the capability of reducing the outcome, if the placebo is administered poorly.

Psychosocial Genomics

Originally psychosocial genomics was constructed as a new area of DNA research, as a mixture of psychology and genomics. In essence, it is the study, which evidences that DNA affects the manner, in which an individual thinks and feels. As 99.9 genes are the same for each individual, the differences lie in the tiniest of variations in single genes. Consequently, the same set of genes is able to produce an infinite variety of species. As a result, it has been scientifically proven that height is inherited by approx. 80 percent, whilst 20 percent are environmentally based. Subsequently, certain genes are more active than their counterparts, since repetitive action causes repetitive gene expression, for instance, in daydreaming or flashbacks, which in itself is an unintentional form of visualization that inspires the DNA.

A study, involving the nature of maternal touch, revealed that love promotes physical growth by allowing for ornithine decarboxylase to be activated and growth hormones to be released. It has even been evidenced that fear suppresses growth and consequently results in the child struggle to socially fit it to the environment. Through the power of visualization, an individual begins to influence the desired circumstances through continual programming with a strong intention in mind. For example, one can biologically affect the healing process of a condition, such as cancer, liver failure, tuberculosis etc. Eastern practices, such as qigong, acupressure, acupuncture or tai chi, have also amply demonstrated a similarly beneficial effect upon mind and body, including regular meditation. Initially, it reduced the risk of the worsening of the condition, yet it also serves the purpose of reuniting mind and body to its natural equilibrium by adjusting the flow of energy through the physical body, whilst strengthening the existent natural defences. These mental techniques, however, also serve another purpose, once one attains the realization of mind over matter by actual experience, as through healing the self, one becomes capable of taking full responsibility for ones own body and health. The actualisation that the human body possesses the capacity to entirely mend itself, as and when required, if enough willpower, intention and belief is focused upon the objective.

All is energy, thus all has a frequency. Lower or higher frequencies naturally affect individuals differently. Each word possesses a different frequency, also dependent upon the manner in which it is vocalized. As a consequence, studies in regards to the effects of sound, such as shamanic drumming or meditation music revealed a slower heart rate and a deeper state of sleep and relaxation. In consequence, thoughts and feelings contain a level of frequency, which initially is released into the world, causing a slight ripple effect. For instance, in India, it is common knowledge that the condition of the meat of an animal is in correspondence with its manner of dying. Sequentially, an inhumane environment, including brutality and a painful death, an energetic imprint of fear is thought to remain on the meat, which would then be transferred to the individual ingesting it. In addition, it has been discovered that the practice of mindfulness or even a small prayer of grace affects the atomic structure of water, for instance. Overall, distance does not influence the act of intention, long distance healing or prayer, in fact, a study around the year 1998 resulted in the successful curbing or slowing of AIDS in twenty patients. However, it should be noted that certain healing practitioners absorb their clients energies, including their feelings, thoughts, emotions and psychological problems, which causes them to require psychic protection during any healing session. Often a golden shield or egg is visualized, dependent upon the preference of the practitioner. Truth be told, all thoughts and emotions consciously or unconsciously radiate out into the phenomenal world, affecting other accordingly. Due to this reason, it is recommended for spiritual, ascended masters are accustomed to meditating either late at night or close to sunrise, in between the hours of 11PM and 4AM, since there appears to be less emotional or mental interference in close proximity. In 1983, Randolph Byrd MD conducted a scientific study regarding the direct medical influence of prayer, it was discovered that the individuals that were in receipt of the prayer required fewer antibiotics, diuretics and less ventilator assistance, including a more rapid recovery rate than those patients, which had not been prayed for. In practicality, everything is interconnected through a field of energy, also known the quantum field or field of conscious intelligence. Similarly, the collective unconscious is the entirety of information or intelligence of all within existence, with each thought or idea the web of reality is altered, limited only by the speed of connection whilst it rises up through the unconscious contents to the conscious awareness. Since each thought streams a pulse of electrical energy throughout the brain along the neurons that interlink the nerve cells. Each nerve cell then responds to the thought by exerting a certain set of chemicals, whilst the thought could literally be felt anywhere and everywhere, although it may not be consciously recognized just yet.

A paper published around the year of 1981 described an experiment involving several hundred experienced meditators that gathered in a city in order to perform Transcendental Meditation, as a result, the federal statistics gathered over the following year

Biology of Belief

Most of the cell’s structures are referred to as organelles, which are its miniature organs that are suspended within a jelly like cytoplasm. Organelles are the functional equivalents of the tissues and organs of the body. They include the nucleus, which is the largest organelle, the mitochondria, the Golgi body and vacuoles. The traditional way of teaching the course is to deal first with these cellular structures, then move on to the tissues and organs of the human body. The biochemical mechanisms employed by cellular organelle systems are essentially the same mechanisms employed by the human organ systems. Each eukaryote (nucleus-containing cell) possesses the functional equivalent of the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, endocrine system, muscle and skeletal systems, circulatory system, integument (skin), reproductive system and even a primitive immune system, which utilizes a family of antibody-like “ubiquitin” proteins. Single cells are also capable of learning through these environmental experiences and are. able to create cellular memories, which they pass on to their offspring. For example, when a measles virus infects a child, an immature immune cell is called in to create a protective protein antibody against that virus. In the process, the cell must create a new gene to serve as a blueprint in manufacturing the measles antibody protein. It should be noted that single-celled organisms were the first life forms on this planet. Fossil evidence suggests they were here within 600 million years after the Earth was first formed. For the next 2.75 billion years of Earth’s history, only free-living, single-celled organisms- bacteria, algae and amoeba-like protozoans, populated the world. In order to survive at high densities, the cells created structured environments. These sophisticated communities subdivided the amount of work with more precision and effectiveness. It proved more efficient for the community to have individual cells assigned to specialized tasks. In larger organisms, for instance, only a small percentage of cells are concerned with reading and responding to environmental stimuli. That is the role of groups of specialized cells that form the tissues and organs of the nervous system. The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behaviour of all the other cells in the vast cellular community. In consequence, fifty years before Darwins hypothesis on the mechanisms of evolution, Lamarck presented a thesis suggesting that evolution was based on an instructive, cooperative interaction among organisms and their environment that enables life forms to survive and evolve in a dynamic world. However, his notion also included that organisms acquire and pass on adaptations necessary for their survival in a changing environment. Conclusively, it was evident that at first the survival of the fittest and the most intelligent was a predominant element, yet as time progressed, each aspect during the hard times of history gradually began to amalgamate into a single force in order to “survive”. As each started to help others, the strength of all involved increased. In essence, it is a metaphor for the notion of cellular communities and the necessity of effective interaction in order to further survival as a whole.

Nature Versus Nurture

Genetic control became a metaphor as scientists zeroed in on the mechanisms of DNA. Organic chemists discovered that cells consist of four types of very large molecules: polysaccharides (complex sugars), lipids (fats), nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) and proteins. Though the cell requires each of the four molecular types, proteins are the most important single component for living organisms. The cells are, in the main, an assembly of protein-building blocks. Nonetheless, it requires over 100,000 different types of proteins to effectively run the human body. Each protein is a linear string of linked amino acid molecules, each represents one of the twenty amino acid molecules used by cells. This formation of amino acids ultimately forms the backbone of the cells’ proteins. The structure and behaviour of the linked amino acids in protein resembles a large number of linked subunits, capable of coiling into a wide variety of shapes. The flexible links (peptide bonds) between amino acids in a protein backbone enables each protein to adopt a variety of shapes. Through the rotation and flexion of their amino acid, protein molecules resemble “nano-snakes” in their ability to writhe and squirm. There are two primary factors that determine the contour of a protein’s backbone, and therefore its shape. One factor is the physical pattern defined by the sequence of differently shaped amino acids comprising backbone. The second factor concerns the interaction of electromagnetic charges among the linked amino acids. Furthermore, in 1910, intensive microscopic analyses revealed that the hereditary information passed on generation after generation was contained in chromosomes, thread-like structures that become visible in the cell just before it divides into two daughter cells. Chromosomes are incorporated into the daughter cell’s largest organelle, the nucleus. When scientists isolated the nucleus, they dissected the chromosomes and found that the hereditary elements were essentially comprised of only two kinds of molecules, protein and DNA. The understanding of the chromosome’s functions was further refined in1944 when scientists determined that it was DNA that actually contained hereditary information. In consequence, the Human Genome Project was an ambitious endeavour and conventional thought held that the body needed one gene to provide the blueprint for each of the 100,000 plus different proteins that make up our bodies. Add to that at least 20,000 regulatory genes, which orchestrate the activity of the protein-encoding genes. Scientists concluded that the human genome would contain a minimum of 120,000 genes located within the twenty-three pairs of human chromosomes. Geneticists experienced a comparable shock when, contrary to their expectations of over 120,000 genes, they found that the entire human genome consists of approximately 25,000 genes. In addition, the results of the Human Genome Project forced science to reconsider the  genetic relationship with other organisms in the biosphere, as there is not much difference in the total number of genes discovered in humans and those found in primitive organisms. Nonetheless, in the chromosome, the DNA forms the core, and the proteins cover the DNA. When the genes are covered, their information cannot be read. In the nucleus, the stretch of DNA is covered by bound regulatory proteins, which cover the gene. Conclusively, epigenetic control is the manner by which environmental signals control the activity of genes. A more sophisticated flow of information in biology begins with an environmental signal, then goes to a regulatory protein and only then goes to DNA, RNA, and the end result, a protein. The science of epigenetics has also made it clear that there are two mechanisms by which organisms pass on hereditary information. Those two mechanisms provide a way for scientists to study both the contribution of nature (genes) and the contribution of nurture (epigenetic mechanisms) in human behaviour.

Membranes And Cellular Operations

Membranes are only seven millionths of a millimetre thick. In fact, they are so thin that they can only be seen with an electron microscope, which was developed after the Second World War. Until the 1950s that biologists could not confirm that cell membranes exist. With the aid of microscopes, biologists learned that all living cells possess membranes and that all cell membranes share the same, basic, three-layered structure. However, the simplicity of that structure belies its functional complexity. Cell biologists gained insight into the abilities of the cell membrane by studying the most primitive organisms on this planet, the prokaryotes. Prokaryotes, which include bacteria and other microbes, consist only of a cell membrane that envelops a droplet of soupy cytoplasm. Though prokaryotes represent life in its most primitive form, they have purpose. A bacterium carries out the basic physiologic processes of life like more complex cellular organisms. A bacterium eats, digests, breathes, excretes waste matter and even exhibits neurological processing. They can sense where there is food and propel themselves to that spot. Similarly, they can recognize toxins and predators and purposely employ escape manoeuvres to save their lives. In other words, prokaryotes display  a form of intelligence. The membrane’s phospholipids, one of the two major chemical components of the membrane. The phospholipids are composed of both polar and non-polar molecules. All the molecules in the Universe can be divided into non-polar and polar categories based on the type of chemical bonds that hold their atoms together. The bonds among polar molecules have positive and/or negative charges, hence their polarity. These molecules’ positive and negative charges cause them to behave like magnets, attracting or repelling other charged molecules. Polar molecules include water and things that dissolve in water. Non-polar molecules include oil and substances that dissolve in oil. There are no positive or negative charges among their atoms. Here, it should be mentioned that non polar and watery polar molecules do not mix. Molecules prefer environments that offer them stability. For their stability, polar molecules seek out watery polar environments and non-polar molecules seek out non-polar environments. Phospholipid molecules, comprised of both polar and non-polar lipid regions, have a difficult time in seeking stability. The phosphate portion of the molecule is motivated to seek water, while its lipid portion abhors water and seeks stability by dissolving in oil, hence the phospolipid molecules resemble difficulties that are often discovered in schizophrenics. Furthermore, Integral Membrane Proteins embed themselves into the layer of the membrane. As proteins are composed of a linear backbone assembled from linked amino acids. Of the twenty different amino acids, some are water-loving, polar molecules and some are hydrophobic, non-polar molecules. When a region of the protein’s backbone is made up of linked, hydrophobic amino acids, this segment of the protein seeks stability by finding an  environment like the membrane’s lipid core. That’s how hydrophobic parts of the protein integrate themselves into the middle layer of the membrane. Since certain regions of a protein’s backbone are made up of polar amino acids and other regions are non-polar, the protein will simply weave itself in and out of the membranes phospholipids, at it may. In conclusion, the definition of the membrane terms it as a liquid crystal with gates and channels, which is exponentially similar to a computer chip, which is defined as a crystal semiconductor with gates and channels. The fact that both are homologues implies that both computers and cells are essentially programmable. As the programmer lies outside the computer or cell, biological behaviour and gene activity is dynamically linked to information from the environment, which is downloadable into the cell, as it may.

Medicine And Quantum Physics

After the discoveries of quantum physics, biologists and medical students continue to be trained to view the body only as a physical machine that operates in accordance with Newtonian principles. In seeking knowledge of how the body’s mechanisms are controlled, researchers have focused their attention on investigating a large variety of physical signals, classified into discrete chemical families, including aforementioned hormones, cytokines, growth factors, tumour suppressors, messengers and ions. However, because of their Newtonian, materialistic bias, conventional researchers have completely ignored the role that energy plays in health and disease. In addition, conventional biologists are reductionists who believe that mechanisms of our physical bodies can be understood by taking the cells apart and studying their chemical building blocks. This reductionist model suggests that if there is a problem in the system, evident as a disease or dysfunction, the source of the problem can be attributed to a malfunction in one of the steps along the chemical assembly line. By providing the cell with a functional replacement part for the faulty element, by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs for example, the defective single point tan theoretically be repaired and health restored. This assumption spurs the pharmaceutical industry’s search for magic drugs and designer genes. However, the quantum perspective reveals that the universe is an integration of interdependent energy fields that are entangled in a web of interactions. Biomedical scientists have been particularly confounded as they do not recognize the massive complexity of the intercommunication among the physical parts and the energy fields that make up the whole. The reductionist’s perception of a linear flow of information is a characteristic of the Newtonian universe. In contrast, the flow of information in a quantum universe is holistic. Cellular constituents are woven into a complex web of cross-interference, feedback and feed-forward communication loops. A biological dysfunction may arise from a miscommunication along any of the routes of information flow. To adjust the chemistry of this complicated interactive system requires a deeper understanding than just adjusting one of the information pathway’s components with a drug. Once the nature of the complex interactions between matter and energy is fully realised, it becomes clear that a reductionist, linear approach could not even come close to providing an accurate understanding of disease. While quantum physics implied the existence of such interconnected information pathways, recent ground breaking research in mapping protein-protein interactions in the cell demonstrates the physical presence of these complex holistic path ways.

Changing Belief, Changes Biology

One requires more than just positive thinking to harness the full control of the body and life. It is important for health and well-being to shift the mind’s energy toward positive, life-generating thoughts and eliminate ever-present, energy-draining and debilitating negative thoughts. However., the mere thinking positive thoughts will not necessarily have any impact on our lives. At times, individuals that engage in positive thinking half heartedly become more debilitated as their circumstances become hopeless, as all mind and body remedies have been exhausted. It is therefore imperative to consider the seemingly separate subdivisions of the mind, the conscious and the subconscious, which are interdependent. The conscious mind is the creative one, the one that can conjure up positive thoughts. In contrast, the subconscious mind is a repository of stimulus-response tapes derived from instincts and learned experiences. The subconscious mind is strictly habitual, it will perpetuate the same behavioural responses to life’s signals over and over again. The subconscious mind is, in essence, millions of times more powerful that the consciousness due to its neurological processing abilities. In addition, cells generally respond to a an assortment of very basic perceptions of what is occurring within their environment. Such perceptions include whether things like potassium, calcium, oxygen, glucose, histamine, estrogen, toxins, light or any number of other stimuli are present in their immediate environment. The simultaneous interactions of tens of thousands of reflexive perception switches in the membrane, each directly reading an individual environmental signal, collectively create the complex behaviour of a living cell. However, within a community of cells, each cell cannot act as an independent agent, implying that the members of the community commit to a common plan of action, similarly to intelligent life forms. Within the quantum universe, however, it is doubtful that the cell or organism ever truly possessed independence, as it may have been interdependent without being aware of it from the beginning. In conclusion, habitual processes would gradually be altered, hence allowing for a slow alteration of the subconscious belief structures. Similarly to the placebo effect, the mind possesses the capacity to override and modify signals and programmed responses of the body.  However, the placebo effect best illustrates the effect that beliefs can hold over the mind. The professional manner and skilfulness of the medical doctor suddenly becomes pertinent to the efficiency of the treatment. The belief in the medical professionals capabilities unexpectedly become relevant in the equation. It could be that the subconscious mind attempts to replicate that which the conscious mind has been tricked into or it could simply utilize its ability to mend itself without external assistance. Nonetheless, a belief that is firmly engrained in the mind to a deeply unconscious degree will more often than not reveal its presence on a semi-regular  basis, even if non-verbally.

Biological Enemies Of The Body

Liptons research at Stanford displays that growth and protection behaviours are essential for the survival of multicellular organisms such as humans. There is a catch to opposing survival mechanisms that have evolved over billions of years. The mechanisms that support growth and protection cannot operate optimally at the same time. In other words, cells cannot simultaneously move forward and backward. In a response similar to that displayed by cells, humans unavoidably restrict their growth behaviours when they shift into a protective mode. Redistributing energy reserves to fuel the protection response inevitably results in a curtailment of growth. In addition to diverting energy to support the tissues and organs needed for the protection response, there is an additional reason why growth is inhibited. Growth processes require an open exchange between an organism and its environment. Yet, protection requires the closing down of the system to wall the organism off from the perceived threat. Inhibiting growth processes is also debilitating, as growth is a process that not only expends energy but is also required to produce energy. Consequently, a sustained protection response inhibits the creation of life-sustaining energy. Thus, “the longer you stay in protection, the more you compromise your growth.” In multicellular organisms, growth and protection behaviours are controlled by the nervous system. It is the nervous system’s task to monitor environmental signals, interpret them, and organize appropriate behavioural responses. In a multicellular community, the nervous system acts as a governing body, organizing the activities of its “cellular citizens”. When the nervous system recognizes a threatening environ mental stress, it alerts the community of cells to impending danger. The HPA system is a brilliant mechanism for handling acute stresses. However, this protection system was not designed to be continuously activated. In modern society, most of the stresses that are experienced are not in the form of acute, concrete threats that the individual can easily identify, respond to and move on. As human beings, we are constantly besieged by multitudes of unresolvable worries about our personal lives, our jobs, and our war-tom global community. Such worries do not threat en our immediate survival but they nevertheless can activate the HPA axis, resulting in chronically elevated stress hormones. More researchers are hinting toward the inhibition of neuronal growth by stress hormones as the source of depression. In fact, in chronically depressed patients, the hippo-campus and the pre-frontal cortex, the centre of higher reasoning, are physically shrunken. It was stated that “Overtaking the mono-amine hypothesis in recent years has been the stress hypothesis, which posits that depression is caused when the brain’s stress machinery goes into overdrive. The most prominent player in this theory is the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.” Conclusively, the HPA axis’ effect on the cellular communities would mirror the effect of stress upon the human population.

Conscious Mothering And Fathering

The importance of parental programming undermines the notion that our traits, both positive and negative, are fully determined by our genes. Genes are shaped, guided and tailored by environmental learning experiences. “We have all been led to believe that artistic, athletic and intellectual prowess are traits simply passed on by genes. But no matter how “good” one’s genes may be, if an individual’s nurture experiences are fraught with abuse, neglect or misconceptions, the realization of the genes’ potentials will be sabotaged.” Lipton once stated that “We are personally responsible for everything in our lives, once we become aware that we are personally responsible for everything in our lives.”, although I happen to agree wholeheartedly, this realisation encompasses a large amount of grief and suffering for numerous parents. One cannot be guilt ridden over being a “bad parent”, unless one is aware that one may have been able to contribute more to the upbringing of the child. This contains a hard truth for adoptive parents, as it may not be in their best interest to pretend their children’s lives began when they came into their new surroundings. Their children may have already been programmed by their birth parents with a belief that they are unwanted or unlovable. If more fortunate, they may have, at some crucial age in their development, received positive, life-affirming messages from their caretakers. If adoptive parents are not aware of pre- and perinatal programming, they may not deal realistically with post-adoption issues. They may not realize that their children did not come to them as a “blank slate” anymore than newborns come into the world as blank slates, unaffected by their nine months in their mothers’ womb. Hence, it would be more suitable for the parental guardians as well as the child to recognize previous programming in order to point it in a more productive, healthy direction throughout their life. Conscious parenting incorporates a consistent form of nurture and the ability to observe, and consequently imitate, older humans conducting their daily affairs. If an infant experiences a low rate of being embraced, kissed or loved as a whole, long-lasting developmental problems are more likely to surface. The lack of touch and attention and poor quality day care stuns the growth of the child, adversely affecting their behaviour. Carlson, who studied sixty Romanian children from a few months to three years of age, measured their cortisol levels by analysing samples of saliva. The more stressed a child was, as determined by the higher than normal levels of cortisol in its blood, the poorer the outcome for the child. He followed up these studies with an assessment of human cultures based on how they raise their children. He found that if a society physically held and loved its children and did not repress sexuality, that culture was peaceful. Peaceful cultures feature parents who maintain extensive, physical contact with their children, such as carrying their babies on their chests and backs throughout the day. In contrast, societies that deprive their infants, children and adolescents of extensive touch are inevitably violent in nature. One of the differences between populations is that many of the children not receiving touch suffer from somato-sensory affective disorder. This disorder is characterized by an inability to physiologically suppress surging levels of stress hormones, a precursor to violent episodes. As a consequence, the administration of conscious, mindful parenting becomes a vital fact within society that is not provided with sufficient attention in order to solve fundamental problems in regards to the upbringing of the following generations.

Science Versus Materialism

Mathematically, the likelihood of consciousness ending is zero. Science has confined itself solely to the material realm for approximately five hundred years, however there was a time, when science was not bound by the laws of the Roman Catholic Church, in which an ancient kind of science flourished that embraced multiple realms of scholarship. For instance, if the Antikythera mechanism had been discovered before the turn of the century, the industrial age would have most likely begun in Athens. It remains one of the greatest mysteries of science as to who designed and manufactured it. It defied all capabilities of known science at the time. The device has the oldest known complex gear mechanism and is also referred to as the first known analogue computer, although the quality of its manufacture suggests that it may have had undiscovered predecessors during the Hellenistic Period. It appears to be constructed upon theories of astronomy and mathematics developed by Greek astronomers and it is estimated to have been fashioned around the time of 100 BC. It should be noted that the device, if functional, would possess the accuracy equivalent to that of an atomic clock. Numerous scientist have over the years studied and attempted to replicate the mechanism in its entirely. In essence, the mechanism was operated by turning a small hand crank, which was linked via a crown gear to the largest gear. This allowed setting of the date on the front dial. The action of turning the hand crank would also cause all interlocked gears within the mechanism to rotate, resulting in the calculation of the position of the Sun and Moon and other astronomical information, such as moon phases, eclipse cycles, and theoretically the locations of planets. The mechanism is remarkable for the level of miniaturisation and the complexity of its parts, which is comparable to that of 14th century astronomical clocks. It has at least 30 gears, although Michael Wright has suggested that the Greeks of this period were capable of implementing a system with countless more gears. There is much debate that the mechanism may have had indicators for all five of the planets known to the ancient Greeks.
Furthermore, it is a well known fact that mankind would have progressed an equivalence of 1500 years in science, philosophy, engineering and medicine. It is also widely known that the Roman Catholic Church burnt and destroyed thousands upon thousands of scientific manuscripts. There are rumours that the documents were merely placed within the Vatican vaults. If it is so…The one that holds the knowledge truly holds the power. Countless accusations of heresy or demon worship, followed by the imminent death of millions. A religion that began to relish the blood on their hands, as it provided them with ultimate spiritual control based upon fear. Nonetheless, I personally believe in the existence of Jesus in Jerusalem. He may not have been Caucasian and his message would have varied and become corrupted after numerous alterations to the set texts. Ultimately, the spiritually beneficial effects of any religion should not be disputed or criticised, however the individual should be protected from being forced into compliance with a certain faith. Consequently, with the exception of the Catholic Church exterminating disbelievers, other forms of competition, labelling it as Mythology or Demonology, are there malevolent non-corporeal entities, seeking a host or feeding from the energy of the “living”? Modern society has mostly abandoned the practice of demonology. And due to human right violations, so did the Roman Catholic Church, therefore the fear-based system of demonic possession has gradually fallen into the psychiatric categories of psychosis, delusions and hallucinations. The subject of Demonology has almost entirely been swept under the carpet of religion. One could assume that this is due to the fear of attracting such a malevolent creature, yet there are always those curious enough to dabble in the dark arts. Simply disregarding the bias of religion, science would come to gain a more profound insight into the entanglement of the physical and non-corporeal domains. Metaphorically speaking, full health can only be achieved in body, mind and spirit, otherwise it is not truly full health. A medical practitioner within modern society dare not interfere with the mental or spiritual health of the patient, as it is legally not their field of expertise. The three aspects which are ought to promote health, Medical Science and Spirituality have become fragmented. Each are individual paths that cannot be officially united without scientific bias in the West. However, the East managed to preserve a large number of their practices over the centuries, which are gradually becoming equal to Western practices. The conception of the multi-verse, parallel universes and other planes of existence, which was a known fact in numerous ancient civilisations, is now approaching a stage of general acceptance within society. In my professional opinion, mankind is on the verge of evolution towards a form of greater understanding. As with all forms of evolution, the Darwinian principle of natural selection still remains. The change occurs gradually until it reaches the final stages of conscious recognition. Nonetheless, countless resist that change that consists of a merging of science and spirit due to the immense repercussions that were to follow, such as a loss of control of the church and a large amount of modifications to science texts, which would incorporate a giant amount of financial losses from pharmaceutical corporations. The system would collapse under its own weight. After so many scientific enquiries from variant angles have led to a similar path, why does science not turn back to Spirit? In essence, it is the same reason, as to why the Bosnian Pyramids carry such a professionally debilitating stigma. History is ultimately composed by the victor, yet that does not mean there are not numerous ancient secrets that we have not yet uncovered. We, as a species, have merely scratched the surface. Mankind has reached the point of returning to ancient concepts, renaming them, but at the core, they still contain the same meaning. New Physics and New Biology is merely a viewpoint that has been rejected and frowned upon for centuries due to the fate which befell the practitioner. It is the same reason, as to why countless universities have become blacklisted by certain authorities for branching those subjects to a professional and scientific degree. In the end, we are merely rediscovering the concepts of the ancient times, however there appears to be a continuing struggle between the truth and the control over the before mentioned truth. There is little to gain financially from a concept that preaches the effects of mind over matter or the placebo effect, which does not need for the usage of actual chemical compounds. For instance, radionics functions upon the principle that all beings are interconnected, thus it permits for the practitioner to mend the patient from afar, similar to concepts of distance healing, except for the fact that it adjusts the energy frequencies of the bodies. The Russian Pyramids, fashioned into hospitals and prisons, provide a similar effect. However, there is a branch of research that has suffered more than most in this struggle for power, the study into psychic phenomena. Although science dabbles in it occasionally, it is generally frowned upon, whereas it is not a subject discussed in most Western religions. It has become Pandora’s Box of science, as it encompasses a large amount of para-science, whilst operating on the principles of quantum physics. Psychic ability and archaeology have officially fared well in the past, however there are archaeological locations that would alter history as it is known, if they were to be discovered, such as Adams Calendar in South Africa.  Numerous psychics have walked upon the grounds and begun to speak in old tongues. Certain individuals speak of the location as the birthplace of man. In search for a higher consciousness, I am confident that humanity will stumble upon many more unknown treasures of their ancestors. In addition, renowned prophet and healer Edgar Cayce not only spoke of a new kind of humanity and referred to it as the 5th Root race. He predicted that it would appear in the years 1998 to 2010. Meta-physicians and other gurus also share the belief and the anticipation of this recent emergence of the new type of human they refer to as Indigos. The ufology community conducted research into the extraterrestrial phenomenon experienced by children. Their explorations thus far have produced such terms as the New Humans or, more commonly, Star Children. The profiles of the Indigo children share the same attributes or are strikingly similar. They are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and posses healing and clairvoyant abilities. The Indigo children also share an inherent capacity to articulately express knowledge and awareness of deep spiritual concepts, historical, anthropological and scientific data, far beyond the capacity of even the most learned scholars, regardless of their age, level of cognitive development, education and numerous other pertinent factors. This confronting evidence has even captured the attention and interest of the Chinese government who are researching children who possess exceptional human functioning (EHF), more commonly referred to as ‘China’s Super Psychics’. Socrates once stated that wisdom is knowing how little we know. Conclusively, in the earliest treatise on warfare, The Art of War, written in 500 B.C. by the Chinese general Sun Tzu, details the intimate link between success in battle and the skilled management of a force which is known as Chi. The basic principles are elucidated within the document. Sun Tzu argues that wars are won through a combination of conventional military tactics and a variety of extraordinary methods which involve the knowledge and control of life force, which flows through the body of the warrior and can be used to influence the mind of the enemy to produce illusions, deception and weakness. The warrior cultivated Chi through self-knowledge gained by following the mystical Taoist traditions. Mental stillness and other psi-conducive stated enabled the warrior to obtain a poise and concentration so intense that it was effortless in its deadly spontaneity. Such training emphasized the ability to maintain the meditative state in the midst of intense physical activity. The martial arts trained the warrior to take advantage of the slightest break in the enemy’s concentration. The Nazis are said to have assembled many powerful occult adepts from Tibet and Japan to train and advise them. One of the most important and powerful groups in Germany was the Nazi Occult Bureau, which attempted to use occult forces for espionage and the magical control of events including a conscious, pseudo-Nietzschean attempt to replace Christianity with the ancient Teutonic myth of the war god, Wotan. Coincidentally, in the early 1930s, the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung noticed a marked pattern of imagery of the war God Wotan in the dreams of his German patients. The situation was so dramatic that it prompted him to write, in an essay in 1933, that the German people were subconsciously preparing themselves for war. It is rumoured that Hitler himself obtained extensive occult training from the German nationalistic Vril Society and the adept circle known as the Thule Group. Teachings of these groups account for many aspects of Nazi culture which are inexplicable in terms of ordinary historical scholarship. It was during the Eisenhower administration, according to knowledgeable sources, that the CIA set up an inter-agency committee to follow psi research. This committee has been active for three decades, and has sponsored a number of international scientific conferences to which Soviet neurophysiologists and cyberneticists were invited. Counter-intelligence cases during this period led the CIA to infer that the Chinese military had achieved significantly superior mind control abilities, due to training methodology passed on from the Soviet Union. Evidently, there are a large amount of phenomena that science cannot adequately quantify  without the incorporation of spirit or consciousness. In conclusion, one may easily arrive at the inference that certain military research is not as openly shared, which may also hinder society in unfolding their full potential. Mankind has become a race that requires to witness in order to believe wholeheartedly in a particular phenomena, which can only occur if the species evolves as whole towards a common direction. In my professional opinion, science has evolved to a certain degree since separating from spirit, however an age is approaching, in which humanity can become open-minded and emotionally detached enough in order to discuss and further research of the union of science and spirit to the fullest. Yet, until mankind reaches that stage of evolution, there are numerous independent scholars that will work ceaselessly on the solemn incorporation of spiritual standpoints into science. Ultimately, all forms of scholarship lead to a similar path, merely the perception of the conclusion may vary.


– Bruce Lipton