Corona Virus Update Switzerland 03.03.20

Anyone who is put in quarantine may no longer go shopping. City and rural communities prepare for it differently.

More than 100 people in Switzerland are quarantined because of the corona virus: they must not leave the house and must be in closed rooms. But what if the supplies in the house are not enough? “Certainly no one has to starve, the municipality is responsible for taking care of those affected by shortages,” said Gundekar Giebel, media spokesman for the Bern Health Directorate, at a press conference recently.

In Biel, 54 people had to be quarantined. According to Julien Steiner, Vice City Secretary of Biel, the order of the quarantine was a measure taken by the canton: “That is why the canton is also in contact with the people themselves and those responsible for their care.” The city of Biel is currently working on measures if the virus should spread: “If necessary, we can rely on the help of management bodies such as civil defense,” says Steiner.

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