Back, when the world was big

Composed in 2006
In loving memory of Walter G. Sulser

Back, when the world was big,
He lifted me up high, so I could see the hills.
Back, when he sat at the edge of my bed,
…When I had dreamt badly.
Yes, back then the world was big.
Back, when he talked me out, what she forbade me.

Back, when the night became day,
We believed, that it would never end.
Early in the morning they were just gone,
My sweaty clothes I stripped off.
It was still dark, when I got on the bus.

I was breathing hardly… Still.
After this, the world wasn’t the same,
Everything changed, though I stayed the same.
Every night I waited for the garage-door to creak,
I waited for him to sit on my bed and say goodnight one last night.

Back, when the world was big,
Every country seemed exciting.
Back then, somebody hid behind every door,
…Someone who knew the way to go.

Every time, when I think of it…
Of how much I miss him…
Another hour begins.
But she doesn’t understand it…
And never will…

When the world was little,
I lost the man,
Who lifted me up high,
When it was big.

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