The Assassination of Jo Cox

“In politics, if something doesn’t go the way you want, shoot someone. It works every time. Just like it did with the London Riots…Just like it’s working now. As long as there’s a patsy, no one cares who’s actually behind it all.”

Jo Cox has been murdered in cold-blood for political motivations, but which ones? There is no such thing as coincidence… Therefore, a shooting less than a week before the referendum is no accident. It serves a very specific purpose: to fuel the Remain campaign
Although all of us extend our condolences, she did not lose her life in vain. Her death clearly shows that the Brexit campaign hit a few too many soft spots for those in power. Her murder is an act of desperation and abhorring method to influence public opinion.

We may as well treat her death as a political assassination…Akin to that of Franz Ferdinand von Österreich, which put World War One in motion. Moreover, the political tactics, which are currently used to favourably sway the referendum, are very similar to that used by the Nazis leading up to WW2. In fact, many of these controversial methods were detailed in the book “Propaganda”. Please download your free copy from the public domain here.

Preying on Emotion: Just as the sheppard knows the weaknesses of his sheep, the powers that be know just where to apply pressure in a crisis… In other words, if you know the weakness of the people that you govern, then you know how to distract them from what is actually important. This is most commonly achieved by preying on the emotion, sentiment and compassion of the crowd.
As long as they can use the innermost feelings of their followers against them, they can dissuade them from following through with any decision. Particularly, if they are in control of the options that you are presented with.

A Repeat of the London Riots


In the game of politics, I’m afraid to say that there are no rules, as long as the hidden agenda remains unexposed. When the University tuition protests were in their full swing, only a few days from actually making a difference for students across the United Kingdom, a gang shooting in London swept the entire matter under the carpet. All that anyone remembers is how a poor young man lost his life over a pair of sneakers, instead of the reason behind why he had to die.

The EU referendum is presently aiming for a similar result, but to understand how and for what reasons, there’s a few things to consider first. It may be unsurprising that voting is a simple means of pacification. What we vote has no bearing on what actually goes on, as long as our leaders do as they are told…So if everything went as planned, why did David Cameron allow the referendum?

Putin was entirely right by pointing out that it was the Prime Ministers way of attempting to scare the EU into a better deal. Cameron assumed that if he had more to bargain with, he would receive more in return. Like Turkey, Greece and other EU countries did. However, their attempts were vastly more successful. That being said, Cameron or any of his successors will equally fail to establish fair negotiations, whether we stay or leave. The EU’s aim is to crush England for one reason: Power. Only when Britain is crushed beyond the point of returning to its former state can its place be taken.

The initial plans to use the migrant crisis as a tool to gain further ground backfired the moment that the United Kingdom closed its borders, awaiting the referendum. Since then, there has been an almost global standstill and shut down. From the EU’s standpoint, England was never meant to do that, so Merkel had to adjust her strategy. She had to buy time and weigh out her options, but she couldn’t let go of the idea of the total domination of Europe. She had the choice to either continue on her path and sacrifice her country, or put her agenda on the back-burner to deal with more immediate concerns. We all know which path that she has chosen, and it will not end well.

To gain total control over Europe, one first needs to strategically establish a foundation for said control in various countries:

  • France serves as the centrepiece to geographically control Europe
  • England functions as the power-base from which the rest of Europe take guidance
  • Germany and Brussels are neither the geographic or central of hubs of Europe, but they demonstrate a historically consistent pull to take on those roles through numerous failed attempts

To control Europe, one needs France and England…Napoleon knew that. Hitler knew that. Even Merkel knows that, which is the reason behind her unyielding stance. She is attempting to give England nothing to negotiate, no hope, no room to manoeuvre in order to continue in her pursuit.

“All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. Sometimes, they have learned this the hard way. If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation: The enemy will recover, and will seek revenge. Crush him, not only in body but in spirit.” (Greene, Robert, 48 Laws of Power)

As you are perhaps aware, Rothchild labelled Brexit as damaging and disorderly. Mainly, for the reason that it would destroy a large amount of infrastructure. For someone as emotionally detached from the lower ranks of society, people are quickly replaced. They are the means to an end, as there are always more people to work for them and to buy things from them. However, infrastructure takes time and resources to re-build. (Disturbing, right?)

The Assassination of Jo Cox image

If Britain leaves the EU, more than half of all EU member countries will leave also. Despite of what their governments or the EU demand of them. With an unsustainable inflow of migrants and failure to successfully integrate them, the collapse of the EU is only a matter of time. The assassination of Jo Cox does not change this. It is another scare tactic of the Remain campaign to manipulate public opinion by preying on the most instinctual of emotions: Fear.

Misplaced Fear, Anger & Hatred: The people know on a deep and fundamental level that the elite of society has no care for us. In this country or another other. We have an unspoken understanding that they will only do what is expected of them, when the public forces their hand. Some feel such intense hatred for the institutional corruption that is happening England that they would rather sign over all sovereign control of this country to the EU…but that is no way to combat corruption or injustice.

To change your vote out of fear, anger or sympathy is exactly what you are expected to do. They are counting on you to misdirect your emotions and forget about common sense for just a few days…Just long enough for them to get what they want.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a part of the EU to be a part of Europe. Also, you don’t need a union of governments with border-free zones to be a citizen of the world. You are a citizen of the world right now, and there can be no peace or equality without freedom and sovereign rights.
Whereas of people have spoken up about the grievous damage that the Schengen agreement has inflicted on Europe without the ability to gain sufficient political support to suspend it, England has been offered an enormous opportunity. If we vote leave, and address the death of Jo Cox for that which it truly is: a political assassination to distract from the importance of Brexit and crudely manipulate the vote. We have the chance to rebuild the infrastructure of this country from the ground up. Not as a zest-pool for backhanders, peadophilia, extremism and public exploitation, but as a shining example of peace, equality and cooperation in sovereignty…a show of our sincere respect, love and devotion for the spirit of Great Britain and all its ancestors.

Jo Cox Effect

Since the tragic shooting, the Remain campaign has taken a three point lead. Although campaigning has been suspended for this point in time, the public is far from silent. Her death is currently used by Brexiters and Bremainer as a means to convince people to change their minds.
This is an unnecessary and cruel practice, which only distracts from the major problems at hand. The problems Cox would most likely be fighting for on the Remain side of the campaign. I doubt she would want you to change your vote, because of sympathy toward her passing. Any political leader of stature would want you to vote for what you believe is right. They would not want you to sacrifice your integrity on account of their calculated assassination, quite the opposite.
The most valuable thing you can do to honour to Jo Cox is to avoid the shock-waves triggered by her sudden passing. After a few weeks, the votes would undoubtedly sway back into the other direction. Hence, the timing of the shooting as well as stabbing is unarguably questionable.

How many attackers carry a gun and a knife, especially disorganised, mentally unstable offenders? If you get one, you can get two, so why not two guns or just an extra clip of ammo? It would be of greater tactical value against well-trained security guards or any other form of resistance one may encounter. However, what this tells us beyond doubt is someone must have truly wanted her dead. The right-wind and possible pro-nazi connections to this heinous murder show a high level of detail-orientated organisation, which goes beyond that of a lone assassin. It hints toward a pro-EU sympathiser, using and manipulating personal information that should be protected to plan and execute the assassination of Jo Cox for their own ends. Her death is criminality at its peak. It runs so deep through the corporate and political communities that we could barely believe it, if it was actually true…but what if it is?

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