Ebola Quarantine – What Now?


New York City has been hit. A popular Tourist location. A large number Americans pass through New York City at least once in their life, but that will change. At least for now. The government and well-known politicians are discussing the implementation of mandatory quarantine. And partially, that would be a good thing. In a reality, in which the patent for the pathogen (Towner, Oct 24, 2008) is not owned by the United States government and the quarantine is not politically motivated. Those that remember the film “Escape From New York” can most likely imagine a scenario, in which the population with New York City would cut off from the remainder of the United States and left to fend for itself. The former British Independence Forts, such as Alcatraz, Liberty Island, Manhattan, Plumb Island and so forth, which are almost entirely federally owned, present highly fortifiable locations in the event of a nationwide spread. These locations are easily sealed off from the public and can be maintained independently from the rest of the country.

A mandatory quarantine provides an opportunity that allows for a lockdown that stretches across America with increased control over the average population. At first, the notion of quarantine appears reasonable, however, the departments in charge of those affairs are not commonly known for their humanistic touch, but more for their WW2, concentration camp style medical facilities. The dream of any diabolical scientist and dictator. They have already been accused of mistreatment and brutality, before the national spread of the disease. This can be referenced through any major natural disaster or catastrophe that has occurred throughout the United States over the last forty years. The overgrown wilderness that separates New York City from the rest of America, allows it to severed easily. Apart from a cow in the middle of the road and a lonesome New York farmer, the outskirts are vast empty spaces. However, its “neighbour” Washington DC remains functional throughout the beginning stages of a small outbreak. Thus the disease has not yet become severe enough to facilitate the lockdown the country, merely independent States at a time. This strategic spread of various strains of the Ebola pathogen suggests the implementation of a fail-safe within the plan. The case of the child that affected by the virus in Texas merely represents another strategic location that would result in the closing of borders. However, before that point, illegal immigrants are also likely to contract the disease and attempt to remain in hiding, which further compromises lives. Once a border town and the Big Apple has been affected, the Pacific North West of the United States represents a highly likely target. A small village in the Deadlands of America. The type of X-Files town in the middle of nowhere that sold out to Twilight. Once the third location has become affected, a closing of borders would become more probable. However, this also ensures that the disease has been introduced at three geographically wide spread locations for the effects of maximum contamination and containment. The containment itself would result in an increasing mortality rate, as the true agenda behind such an engineered pathogen surfaces. Depopulation and Control.

9 thoughts on “Ebola Quarantine – What Now?

  1. I agree that Ebola is certainly traveling suspiciously and has been allowed into the U.S. The thought of a domestic quarantine brings to mind several Bush era executive orders relating to seizure of property and persons in the event of a natural disaster.

    On the other hand, despite Bill Gates’ ominous comment, farmers don’t often go about intentionally thinning their herd. Mostly they look to decrease cost of food and care while maximizing output. For the rich, it simply doesn’t make fiscal sense to engage in population control.

    • Only if the resources are running low, which the evidence suggests they are. Almost every supermarket product is cutting corners with animal carcasses, toxic chemicals and much more. Leadership encompasses a larger degree of responsibility than power when it comes down to the human race. Ironically, farmers do thin their herd through selective breeding and culling practices. In instances of animal overpopulation, humanity has become accustomed to simply culling the threat. It would not be surprising if that mentality was to be expanded to include fellow human beings. Have you heard of the book “Who Rules America?” by G. William Dumhoff, It’s based on sociological research conducted at the University of California,regarding the subject

      • Resources are clearly insufficient. Otherwise, large cross sections of the population wouldnt be living on corn and corn based products…just like farm animals, none of whom, i might add, should be living on corn. However, thinning a population may not be as beneficial for the 1% as it is for farmers. Farm animals can simply be managed with fences, cattle prods and dogs. People, for the most part, function better when they are controlled through manipulation, which is easier with a large group. Either way, we’re ultimately the fucked generation.
        Culling the herd has actually been attempted in recent history, if you are familiar with the eugenics movement where American reproductive science ultimately culminated in the holocaust in Germany.
        I have not read that work but i do not imagine id be surprised at what the author has to say.

    • In addition, I entirely neglected to mention the polio vaccines given out by Bill Gates that resulted in numerous medical complications in children due to the tainted compounds used.

      • Were those vaccines overseas? Ive read that pharma companies hand out substantial quantities of expired/tainted medicines in third world countries. The drugs cant be sold in “civilized” countries and the companies receive tax benefits for distributing them…if im remembering correctly.

      • Yes, they were. However, it also hints towards a greater Agenda. The vaccine scandals in Africa, for instance, have continued for a prolonged period of time, whilst the diamond mines are mainly owned by Westerners. The economic power structures in numerous third world countries are owned by the West funnily enough, but you have a very good point!

      • I am speculating that the entire planet has become a direct and indirect testing ground for the decrease of the overall population due to the modern way of life. The means by which the population is reduced is rather cost effective in comparison to the cost of modern warfare.

      • I dunno…people are too useful, when considering them as resources, to simply destroy for a reason as…disregardable…as a lack of food to feed them. The elite have never worried if the common folk were fed and its probably cheaper to suppress and control than it is to feed people anyway.

        Personally, i think the growing population actually benefits those seeking control. Like you said, there are only so many resources to spread around. The more people, the thinner the spread, the less wealth available for an individual to accumulate, the more each person ends up beholden to the state or employer. Large, diverse populations like we have in the U.S. also like to set up separate camps, divide up by sex, race, any number of things, and engage in internal conflict. Meanwhile, one small group takes more and more. So im all for a population reduction, actually. But im skeptical that its in the works.

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