2 thoughts on ““Fuck it.” TV Reporter Quits On Air In Support Of Marijuana Legalization

    • Intelligent & Successful Marijuana Smokers:
      – Michael Phelps, Olympian Gold Medal
      – Morgan Freeman
      – Arnold Schwarzenegger
      – Sean Parker
      – Carl Sagan
      – Seth MacFarlane, Creator of Family Guy
      – Bill Gates
      – Neil Tyson
      – Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple
      – Bob Marley
      – George Soros
      – Clarence Thomas, Associate Supreme Court Justice
      – Barack Obama
      – Bill Maher
      – Senator Rand Paul
      – Ron Paul
      – Gov. Andrew Cuomo
      – George Clooney
      – Mayor Michael Bloomberg
      – Ted Turner
      – David Letterman
      – Tom Brokaw
      – Brad Pitt
      – Jennifer Aniston
      – Angelina Jolie
      – Andrew Sullivan
      – Gov. John Hickenlooper
      – Gov. Lincoln Chafee
      – Gov. Sarah Palin
      – Phil Jackson
      – Johnny Depp
      – Robert Downey Jr.
      – Hugh Heffner
      – Oliver Stone
      – Rick Steves
      I could go on forever, but I’m certain you get my point…
      Oh yes and the United States owns the Patent for Cannabinoids as Neuro-Protectants (For conditions such as Dementia through the prevention of neuron decay) and Anti-Oxidants:

      Click to access viewer


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