Marijuana In The Green States Of America

“Colorado and Washington both legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2012. Since legalization Denver’s violent crime has dropped by 10.6% and homicide is down to less than half of its 2013 level. In July 2014 Washington made $2.4 million in pot sales. There’s a lot to consider with the legalization of marijuana. Learn more about the influence it has had on these two states.”

Courtesy of: Infographic World

2 thoughts on “Marijuana In The Green States Of America

  1. Great post. Taking the criminal part out of pot is a fine thing. In time the cops with their brand new military toys will also need to be retired.

    • Thank you very much. Decriminalization is one step, however, the Federal authorities still object to it though. However, the U.S.government has owned the patent for Cannabinoids as Neuroprotectants since the 1970’s.

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