To Whomever It May Concern


My dear readers,

When you have no country to refer to as your home, the entire world is yours for the taking. It is too easy to allow for hatred to consume your every being, yet to transform that into infinite loving kindness toward every being within existence is far more challenging. It takes much more effort to love unconditionally, especially when rejected or misunderstood.
At times, I feel grateful to have roamed across the globe to encounter unique and highly skilled individuals. Throughout my spiritual journey, there is a profound suffering that lingers within me. As a workaholic in order to graduate my first PhD, I worked ceaselessly whilst still counting the pennies at the end. That is the fate of countless individuals. Yet, here I refer to those that live on the streets, those that are in true need day after day…And those that are giving up hope for the future of this species. We have the power to reach out and provide them with the means to continue, even if it is only for a little bit longer. If we have it within our hearts to collectively rid our world of the suffering that the wealth imbalance and corporationalism has created, one being at a time, we may be able to survive the changes that are yet to come.
Few of you are probably aware that I was born in Switzerland. Although I hold no allegiance to my country nor my blood relatives for mistakes made on both sides, I still experience a profound longing and care for their fate. The glaciers in the Swiss mountains are yet to melt away, leaving very little by 2020. My corporate financial report on the matter highlighted its gradual demise and the companies intention to install a large amount of snowmakers. This is just one of numerous examples of how this world is going to hell. Literally, due to global warming, and metaphorically, due to the fact that we, as a species, possess the power to prevent our undoing, yet we choose to do nothing. For years, I have observed society enforcing change on the lower classes, as I was one of them. No matter the location. England, however, appeared to be a quiet spiritual retreat to conduct my studies independently. As a young undergraduate without a rich family, life can seem harsh. Yet, each time I was about to lose all hope, the universe provided me with the ability to continue twice as robust. After weeks of starvation to pay the bills, a meal from a stranger may seem only temporary, yet it can increase the belief in a positive outcome.
Truth be told, you are perhaps the closest I will ever have to a friend…To someone who will make an attempt to understand or even appreciate my perception of reality as a result of my education. Or even exchange information.
The other day, after three nightshifts and approximately 3 hours sleep, it hit me, I have spent the last 8 years single-mindedly studying and working towards achieving progress in various scientific fields and it has become all that I live for. That discovery at 4AM, which may make one persons life easier. It has become how I measure my own worth and it is how I have become financially viable, as an individual. As most of my close associate are aware, I’m working on one of numerous cures for osteoarthritis that deemed too expensive for public access. I believe that anyone has the capability to become a genius. Just discover your purpose and the love for what you do will see you through. It is how I managed to stay alive and maintain my sanity in a compromised world with a system years from collapsing under its own weight.
After nearly 5 years of in social care and several years of domestic abuse, I have been beaten and raped. It only drove me to work harder, sleep less…to achieve a higher efficiency rate within a shorter time span. After so many years of repetition of the same events, you grow a different type of numb. I no longer connect with others on an emotional basis, yet I still hope. And the love for what I do has not diminished.
As a child, I dreamt of being rescued, yet no one ever came. To be an adult at 15, working full-time without ever being taught, without any friends or family to support you, I would never wish such a fate on anyone. Yet, there are those that cannot teach themselves as I have. Everyone needs to be given a chance in order to succeed. And it is up to each and every one of us to provide that chance. To create the scientists and leaders of tomorrow by inspiring the children of today without taking advantage of them.
This evening, I was told that certain middle class individuals in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are merely awaiting the moment of my own self-destruction. For thousands of hours of study and research to be revealed as a “waste of time”. That there is no cure. That there is no way for me to get it right. That being said, the demise of their countries is inevitable, no matter how much it may pain me to observe it. I wish I possessed the ability to alter its fate, however I doubt the Germanic corporate heads are accustomed to reasoning with young soon-to-be doctors, no matter the validity of the argument. They have other plans in mind entirely. All clean energy will soon be patented, and fossil fuel prices will rise exponentially. The social segregation of the classes will become greater and more visible. Prices will rise. However, the natural disasters will also worsen, as the system of control over humanity becomes more intricate and personal. Only the people are able to foresee and act in a preventative measure. To regain their full potential and follow their hearts, wherever it may lead them.


2 thoughts on “To Whomever It May Concern

  1. what a fabulous heartfelt post. and the division in the middle classes is already so prevalent here in the states….daily {hourly} the middle class is being wiped out by wall street, big banks and a completely inept government. ‘We The People’ are our own worst enemy, most driven by greed and unwilling to stand apart from what they know to be inherently wrong.

    • It is that hunger and lust for instant gratification, which will be the end for some. However, other middle class individuals are driven insane by the social segregation, creating that spiteful need for one-up-manship at every turn, and we all know where that can lead in moments of utter despair. The United States will become a dark place. Darker than it is already. You have my utmost support, if you ever require it to implement positive change.
      Thank you so very much for your appreciation for this particular post. It means the world that there are still people out there that think along the same lines.

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