Why Does The Government Refuse To Legalise Weed?


Recent studies and reports show Cannabis has huge medicinal, recreational and economic benefits as well as lower health risks than previously reported.

Even more recently, Drug Minister Norman Baker, who had antecedently acknowledged these low risks, announced that Cannabis reform is “not my prime objective and I am not advocating it at the moment” less than two months after being appointed to a position of power.

Here in the UK, there is a sustained stigma surrounding the plant, which dates back to the days of ‘reefer madness’ and other misguided propaganda that has been continued by the BBC and Daily Mail.

However, many countries are starting to soften their perceptions surrounding the plant, as well as their laws, for both its medicinal and recreational uses (the most relaxed statute, bizarrely, lies in North Korea, where Cannabis isn’t even considered a drug).

So why, if it isn’t…

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