Piracy Propaganda



“In the decade and a half since Napster first emerged, forever changing the face of digital culture, the claim that “internet pirates killed the music industry” has become so ubiquitous that it is treated as common knowledge. Piracy is a scourge on legitimate businesses and hard-working artists, we are told, a “cybercrime” similar to identity fraud or even terrorism.
In The Piracy Crusade, Aram Sinnreich critiques the notion of “piracy” as a myth perpetuated by today’s cultural cartels—the handful of companies that dominate the film, software, and especially music industries. As digital networks have permeated our social environment, they have offered vast numbers of people the opportunity to experiment with innovative cultural and entrepreneurial ideas predicated on the belief that information should be shared widely. This has left the media cartels, whose power has historically resided in their ability to restrict the flow of cultural information, with difficult choices: adapt to this new environment, fight the changes tooth and nail, or accept obsolescence. Their decision to fight has resulted in ever stronger copyright laws and the aggressive pursuit of accused infringers.
Yet the most dangerous legacy of this “piracy crusade” is not the damage inflicted on promising start-ups or on well-intentioned civilians caught in the crosshairs of file-sharing litigation. Far more troubling, Sinnreich argues, are the broader implications of copyright laws and global treaties that sacrifice free speech and privacy in the name of combating the phantom of piracy—policies that threaten to undermine the foundations of democratic society.”

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America Owns Teleportation, Free Energy & Warp Drive


Have you ever felt like you are simply being distracted from what’s really going on?
Say No to War and Orchestrated Violence, Demand Affordable Education and Free Energy!

Warp Drive Patent USD580465

Warp Drive Specifications Patent US20030114313

Artificial Gravity Patent US3333788

Water Engine Patent US7552702

Dilithium Crystal Trigger Module Patent US20070200137

Broadcast Disseminations of Trace Quantities of Biologically Active Chemicals Patent US03994437

Demand what’s yours.
The servant has and always will be the true master by their own choice to serve.
Only the people hold the power.
Your choice matters!

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NHS privatisation, an issue that still persists, along with the privatisation of the Royal Mail and other public organisations.


David Cameron will be met by a Carnival Against the Cuts when he comes to Canterbury on March 21st.

Campaigning groups, including East Kent Keep Our NHS Public group, Canterbury And  Whitstable Stop The Cuts, and Anti-Cuts Thanet, supported by the Public and Commercial Services Union, UNISON, GMB E23 and many others, are teaming up to confront the Prime Minister when he attends the investiture of the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Local NHS and anti-cuts campaigner Helen Lewarne is calling on the people of Kent to come to Canterbury to make their voices heard.

She said: Wherever Cameron goes he has been met with huge protests.  Let’s make sure the people of Kent have their voices heard, adding to the chorus of protest across the nation against the unnecessary victimisation of ordinary families and the most vulnerable members of our society.

In particular the carnival campaigners plan to highlight the impact of the Health and Social Care legislation which comes into force April.

Bunny la Roche of East Kent Keep Our NHS public said: The legislation will cause the fragmentation of the NHS under multiple private providers whose primary allegiances will be to their shareholders. We will see an increase in post-code lottery provision of health care and it will not be long before it will be necessary for, those who can afford it, to take out private health care insurance.

With increasing unemployment and poverty rates soaring, many people will be unable to afford private health insurance. The health of the nation may well return to pre- war standards.

But campaigners will also be protesting against the Governments cuts to other public services and to welfare benefits, including the proposed bedroom tax which will take effect after 1st April.

Said Bunny: Here in east Kent a fifth of children and young people are living in poverty. Families are unable to even provide food for their children as is demonstrated by the appearance of food banks in our communities. There are already food banks in Medway, Thanet and Canterbury with plans to set up another one in Whitstable. The poorest people in the country are being made to suffer for the bankers crisis.

The carnival took place outside Canterbury Cathedral in the Buttermarket at 11am on 21st March. 

For more information on the issue, please ring 07939268962 or 07947424505, email us at eastkentkonp@gmail.com or find us on facebook at East Kent Keep Our NHS Public.

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Fuel Generated From Seawater

Once every idea is the intellectual property of a corporation, 

What will stop them from charging you for thinking?


Related U.S. Patents:



Side-Note: By 2040, all water would resemble a toxic pulp, but even that can be utilized as fuel.

More Than Human

There’s a place,
Where you can set your illusions on fire
And watch them burn.
Out of the ashes of all lost hope,
A newly conceived dream rises.
The endeavor of peace…
Of brotherhood…
Of a united species with a single objective.
The attainment of truth.
A future that hangs in the balance.
Injustice persists,
When good men fail to act.

There’s a place,
Where with every passing day,
More blood is shed in wars over resources.
More of the arctic melts away,
Flooding the shores.
Greed and lust for power masquerades,
As the assertive hand of peacekeeping.
The clock slowly ticks away,
Whilst each and every idea is gift-wrapped,
As the intellectual property of the new world.
Exposure to toxic chemicals is increased.
Injustice persists,
Since good men fail to act.

There’s a place,
In which knowledge flows
Through the fabric of reality…
In which nothing is as it seems,
Happiness is a choice,
And the truth will set you free.
Peace represents a state of harmony,
Created out of mere kindness…
By the desire of the species
To share with one another
Without condition or consequence
In such a way that has no end.
To act in kind,
Even against all the odds.

Kundalini and the Three Worlds

Originally posted on Mystical Tidbits:

In your body there are three worlds, the world of the Creator, the world of the Sustainer, and the world of the Transformer. Each chakra calls one of these worlds home. Kundalini passes through them as it ascends.

In the following excerpt from Living the Mysteries, clarifications are in brackets [  ].

° ° ° ° °

Teachings that discuss a three chakra system are teachings about … three lokas [worlds] and granthis [knots].  This gives us an idea of how a teaching concerning only three chakras can coexist with a teaching of … seven or morechakras.

Each chakra exists in one of these worlds, so think of each chakra in the context of the loka in which it is located and the knot that kundalini tries to unravel there.  I have listed some key words that may help you get a feel for the general characteristics…

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E-Petition Abolish VAT

Responsible department:
Her Majesty’s Treasury
That is why I Oliver Healey call upon the government to abolish VAT and reduce the cost of living thereby increasing economic growth.

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To Whomever It May Concern


My dear readers,

When you have no country to refer to as your home, the entire world is yours for the taking. It is too easy to allow for hatred to consume your every being, yet to transform that into infinite loving kindness toward every being within existence is far more challenging. It takes much more effort to love unconditionally, especially when rejected or misunderstood.
At times, I feel grateful to have roamed across the globe to encounter unique and highly skilled individuals. Throughout my spiritual journey, there is a profound suffering that lingers within me. As a workaholic in order to graduate my first PhD, I worked ceaselessly whilst still counting the pennies at the end. That is the fate of countless individuals. Yet, here I refer to those that live on the streets, those that are in true need day after day…And those that are giving up hope for the future of this species. We have the power to reach out and provide them with the means to continue, even if it is only for a little bit longer. If we have it within our hearts to collectively rid our world of the suffering that the wealth imbalance and corporationalism has created, one being at a time, we may be able to survive the changes that are yet to come.
Few of you are probably aware that I was born in Switzerland. Although I hold no allegiance to my country nor my blood relatives for mistakes made on both sides, I still experience a profound longing and care for their fate. The glaciers in the Swiss mountains are yet to melt away, leaving very little by 2020. My corporate financial report on the matter highlighted its gradual demise and the companies intention to install a large amount of snowmakers. This is just one of numerous examples of how this world is going to hell. Literally, due to global warming, and metaphorically, due to the fact that we, as a species, possess the power to prevent our undoing, yet we choose to do nothing. For years, I have observed society enforcing change on the lower classes, as I was one of them. No matter the location. England, however, appeared to be a quiet spiritual retreat to conduct my studies independently. As a young undergraduate without a rich family, life can seem harsh. Yet, each time I was about to lose all hope, the universe provided me with the ability to continue twice as robust. After weeks of starvation to pay the bills, a meal from a stranger may seem only temporary, yet it can increase the belief in a positive outcome.
Truth be told, you are perhaps the closest I will ever have to a friend…To someone who will make an attempt to understand or even appreciate my perception of reality as a result of my education. Or even exchange information.
The other day, after three nightshifts and approximately 3 hours sleep, it hit me, I have spent the last 8 years single-mindedly studying and working towards achieving progress in various scientific fields and it has become all that I live for. That discovery at 4AM, which may make one persons life easier. It has become how I measure my own worth and it is how I have become financially viable, as an individual. As most of my close associate are aware, I’m working on one of numerous cures for osteoarthritis that deemed too expensive for public access. I believe that anyone has the capability to become a genius. Just discover your purpose and the love for what you do will see you through. It is how I managed to stay alive and maintain my sanity in a compromised world with a system years from collapsing under its own weight.
After nearly 5 years of in social care and several years of domestic abuse, I have been beaten and raped. It only drove me to work harder, sleep less…to achieve a higher efficiency rate within a shorter time span. After so many years of repetition of the same events, you grow a different type of numb. I no longer connect with others on an emotional basis, yet I still hope. And the love for what I do has not diminished.
As a child, I dreamt of being rescued, yet no one ever came. To be an adult at 15, working full-time without ever being taught, without any friends or family to support you, I would never wish such a fate on anyone. Yet, there are those that cannot teach themselves as I have. Everyone needs to be given a chance in order to succeed. And it is up to each and every one of us to provide that chance. To create the scientists and leaders of tomorrow by inspiring the children of today without taking advantage of them.
This evening, I was told that certain middle class individuals in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are merely awaiting the moment of my own self-destruction. For thousands of hours of study and research to be revealed as a “waste of time”. That there is no cure. That there is no way for me to get it right. That being said, the demise of their countries is inevitable, no matter how much it may pain me to observe it. I wish I possessed the ability to alter its fate, however I doubt the Germanic corporate heads are accustomed to reasoning with young soon-to-be doctors, no matter the validity of the argument. They have other plans in mind entirely. All clean energy will soon be patented, and fossil fuel prices will rise exponentially. The social segregation of the classes will become greater and more visible. Prices will rise. However, the natural disasters will also worsen, as the system of control over humanity becomes more intricate and personal. Only the people are able to foresee and act in a preventative measure. To regain their full potential and follow their hearts, wherever it may lead them.